Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Emotional State

Good morning.  It's a cool, sunny Friday morning here in the Big Apple.'s a Friday of a three day weekend.  Hip, hip, hooray!!!  But, I've even better news today.  Hubby starts work on the 22nd. What a relief in so many ways.  Not only were we well on our way to being financially strapped, but although he tries to deny it, I can feel that he's not only been feeling bored and frustration, but also depression has been setting in.  It's hard after having worked for so long, and then to lose your job because you were defending yourself against a client who was larger than you, exhibiting violent behaviors, and struck you in the face.  But, unfortunately, that's how it is.    I'm scheduled for some training here...on restraining clients who have become violent and agitated.  Yeah, right!!!  I'm 62 years old, soon to be 63.  I can see myself now restraining some 250 pound male who is ready to explode. 

Yesterday, I was asked for the URL for the empath test.  For those who wish to take the test, here it is:  What Empathic Type Are You
I would be interested in learning how you score.

To be honest, I don't really know how accurate the test is because I am still learning myself. I am actually not even sure if I am an empath despite my test results which can be found at the bottom of the blog.    

I would like to end today with this quote by Helen Keller which says it all.

"We do not see things as they are.  We see things as WE are." 




  1. What great news about your husband's new job! Good for him! Here's to new beginnings!

    And I love that Helen Keller quotation. It's right on! What a remarkable woman she was. Very wise.

  2. I just took the quiz and got Animal Empath. I wasn't too too surprised about that. Neat test, I've always felt like a "sponge" and have considered myself one of those people who just knows stuff from my gut feeling.

  3. I'm very happy for your hubby, that is awesome news. And I feel you on the restraints. Some of the guys I used to work with at 18 years old were 250 lbs and way taller than me. That is a special kind of bs let me tell you. LOL If I were you I'd take their training but let them know they are crazy.

  4. So glad for both of you... About your husband's job.

    I can't even wrap my head around a job, where you can't defend yourself, but I just won't go there.

  5. GREAT news today Mary! I hope it's something he'll enjoy. Depression is not good..
    And you needing to defend yourself is just not right! I worked with male juvenile gang bangers in CA years ago. I used my mouth to get their attention. Not shouting, just talking the talk.. For me that worked better than trying any restraining. But good luck.
    I've not taken the test but will go do it now...after I contemplate the wise words of Helen Keller.
    I'll let you know...

  6. 83% Human Empath
    75% Communication Empath
    71% Animal Empath
    63% Healer Empath
    61% Physical Empath
    60% Balanced Empath
    59% Energy Empath
    29% ?? didn't copy. Must have been the IQ (O:

    Guess that makes me a Human Empath...

  7. Depression is no fun. Sending good thoughts your alls way. X.

  8. ~hoping your husband new job brings happiness to him...the test was interesting...i am a Clairvoyant Empath...curious to read more and thank you for sharing such a beautiful quote...brightest blessings~

  9. Thrilled for your husband and you. It is no fun watching the one you love becoming depressed. Love the quote!


  10. Good to hear about your husband'd job! :)

    I did the test and I don't really know what to think about it:

    Claivoyant empath 89
    Communication empath 88
    Balanced empath 88
    Human empath 82
    The lowest was Energy empath at 78

    So now what... :)

  11. Communication, Human, Healer, Energy Empath were my top 4. Interesting test!

    I am SO happy for you and your hubby for his job! Cheering for you!