Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday

Good morning to everyone out there in blogland.  What a gorgeous Monday morning it is?  The sun is out in all its glory...but have to enjoy it today because from the looks of things, the sun won't return anytime soon.  Four days of rain and sleet ahead of us here.  I want to thank all of you who listened to my little rant yesterday.  It was something I just had to get off my chest.  The fact is, clients have become nothing more than numbers...and that is a fact that I have to accept.  Too darned old to look for a new career, and that's not something I would like to do anyway.  I guess I am missing the success stories of the past because now it seems to me, everything is geared for the clients to fail.  And, it's not just my program.  It's all over the city, probably all over the country, and it starts at the top.  And with that, I am going to let this subject go...for now.  By the way, hubby started his new job today.  I'm so anxious to see how his day went.  I had some problems with the subway getting here, and I am hoping that it didn't affect him too much.  We left one half hour apart so maybe by the time he left, the trains were back on track.

Don't you just love the above picture?  Reminds me that Spring is really on its way.  Butterfly Maiden is ready to appear and work Her magic.  But, just as our environment adjusts to the seasonal change, so does our human body.  During the winter, our energy was drawn inward to reflect, rejuvenate and rest. but now, as the season begins to shift, our energy begins to burst forth...and, as the days become longer, our energy really begins to flow.  Projects that have been put on hold begin calling us for completion, and bodies that have spent the cold, dark months of winter curled up on the sofa now begin itching to move.  Spring is a time of transformation and growth, a time which brings renewed optimism, hope and life.

Celebrating Spring is easy and fun.   I used to have my magical garden to look forward to, but it's been a few years since we had to move away, and I still miss the time I used to spend there...such a magical place it was ..., So now I usually buy some daffodils and enjoy their wonderful scent.    Spring cleaning is one of those rituals I strictly adhere to.  It's wonderful to be able to throw open all the windows, freshen up the house,  and give it a good cleaning.  Dig out the spring and summer clothes; pack away the heavy bulky things of winter.  Sitting outdoors in the wee hours of the night, communing with nature all around me.  The celebration of Ostara.  So many wonderful things are on their way.

What are some of your spring rituals?  How do you celebrate Spring.


  1. I love to celebrate Spring with daffodils too. Oh, and tulips. Definitely tulips!

  2. I am a big spring cleaner as well, and start mine right around this time of year (usually). This is my first year "back home" after living in the South for 6 years so I'm going to have to get used to not planting in April and waiting until May, but other than that I'm so excited to spend time on our patio watching the fireflies and the glow of the fire from the firepit. Yay Spring!

  3. Oh Mary, I'd so love to celebrate spring! But today it snowed again, or rather the snowfall that started Saturday never stopped. At this rate the snow hasn't melted for the Summer Solstice! I so want to see the sun again.

  4. I've been getting more and more into a spring cleaning mode. I'm really ready to throw open the windows, draw the curtains, and CLEAN. FRESH AIR, I forget what that smells like!

    Hope your husband's day went well, and sorry you're less than satisfied with your own career path.

  5. Me? I actually love the warm cuddleness of winter! But yes, Spring is coming and I would love to welcome it. Fact is, here in the central Rockies, it usually goes from cold winter temps to hot summer! We're lucky to get spring weather. I love the rain showers when they come, and hate the wind! That's what spring is here. And there's a rule of thumb that you don't plant anything until the week after Memorial Day. We always get the one last freeze in May that kills anything starting to grow. And we get through it all, huh.. We do see daffodils and tulips coming up, just a bit later than most places.
    My favorite thing is to have the screen door open all the time and get the fresh air. But then, this is in the country too and sometimes the air isn't so fresh (:
    Ok, I talk too much...
    Try to have a good week at work and just think how much closer you are to retire. Let us know how the Hubby's day was...

    see ya yesterday...

  6. We just had 6 inches of new snow dumped on us from the front headed your way. Hope it's a little kinder to NY. Spring, couldn't get here any to soon to suit me. X.

  7. My best and favourite spring ritual is making wreaths. Today jaz@octoberfarm made the most unbelievable of all wreaths. It is the best i have ever seen and as always she made it look easy. If you have been there her url is:
    Brightest blessings. Have a great week filled with love and light.

  8. What a wonderful, wonderful post! Spring is definitely around the corner. I can feel it here. We had 60 degree weather and sunny. Tomorrow it will start sprinkling..but still, the air is fresh. I definitely am going to Spring clean this year. I didn't last year and I felt it all year long. :(

    Also, thank you SO MUCH for your interpretation on my dream. You have incredible insight!! I loved your interpretation and agree whole heartedly with what's going on in my life. Funny, I couldn't see it. Then again, maybe I didn't want to?

  9. Had to not comment on yesterday's post... Or I'd have blown off too much steam. :-(

    Gentle hugs...

  10. Spring rituals...definitely opening the windows. Had them open the other day, and the heater on! It was still cold, but so wanted the fresh air!