Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wonder and Beauty About Us

 "Seeing is different from being told." --Kenyan Proverb

Good morning, everyone.  It's back to work.  I was going to say Monday, but it's actually Tuesday.  I say we should have 3 day weekends every week.  Got to work and found a big surprise which must have arrived after I left Friday....the latest in the Avalon series, "The Sword of Avalon" by Diana Paxton.  Oh, gosh, I am so excited.  

I must share with you about my first experiences with the Avalon series.  Actually, it took me awhile to finally read "The Mists of Avalon" despite hearing rave reviews, but it was fiction...and I didn't read fiction.  But once I gave in and bought a copy I went into a frenzy that didn't end until I had bought and read the entire series.  I read from "The Mists" backwards through  "The Fall of Atlantis"...and then I turned around and read the series forward.  I was obsessed.  Couldn't put the books down.  Why, I fell so in love with the characters that I devised an elaborate chart which I kept with me as I analyzed the characters various incarnations.  Why, I even dreamed about Avalon!!!  

Well, another snowy day here in the city.  Not too bad out though.  Now it is more of a mixture of rain and snow.  The sidewalks are pretty gray and slushy...all and all, a pretty ugly day....but ugly is far too harsh of a word for this beauty all around us...no matter where we live and what kind of day it is.  What happens is that we become  oblivious to the richness of our environment when the details of our daily life take over.  For example, this morning all I could think about was "Why does it have to be so nasty when I have to go back to work?  Why couldn't I stay home today?"  So, what I was doing was concentrating on what I saw as the ugliness of the day.  But, sometimes we have to broaden our definitions of beauty and wonder.  For, in fact, there is a certain beauty of watching the storm clouds as they blanket the city or the delicate awe snow-capped trees which surrounded me.  And as I stood there, taking in the magnificence of all of the natural wonders all about me, I was grateful that I had stopped and taken the time this morning to stop and witness the miracle of our planet for my bad mood had completely vanished and I was looking forward to the day.

Observe.  Connect.  Go to a window or step outdoors.  Open your eyes and take in the beauty of where you are right now.  Appreciate your environment which is there...all around you...with beauty and wonder. 


  1. ~beauty in your words this morning especially the last paragraph can we change our thoughts and mood if we are willing to try...i picked up the mists of avalon at a thrift stores a last year and have just not gotten round to reading it...you have sparked my desire...will pull it out and give it a whirl...brightest blessings come rain or shine~

  2. I read The Mists of Avalon in the mid-80s and just loved it! About 5 years ago I tried to read one of the prequels and just could not get into it. Guess there had been too much water under the bridge by that time!

  3. I remember the first time I read Mists of Avalon.. goodness... when I saw the size of it I never thought I would finish it, yet once I started I could not put it down... wonderful book.... and yes.. enjoying the beauty of the day.... it is there regardless of the weather.... if we open our eyes

  4. This is very true. Our thoughts chanjge our emotions. Our emotions chenge our surrounding energies. Those enrgies change our lives.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday**

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome day. A three day weekend, finding a surprise and enjoying the beauty that surrounds you.


  6. I say it time and time again, to the disbelief of all. Looking for the positive and beauty in things grows positivity and beauty in ones' life. There is beauty in the grayest days as well. Glad you took the time to appreciate and see it, and help make the world a brighter place. =)

  7. An awaited book comes! Wowwwwwww! Have fun, but when will you "surface" again? ,-) You'll be having so much fun with reading, that you'll forget about blogging. ,-)))) Enjoy!

    Oh yes, notice the beauty. Notice the incongruities. Notice. Notice. Notice. Or as Colette used to say; "Regarder!" Look!

    She spent her whole life, looking and noticing.

  8. I too deeply love the Avalon books. I hope you enjoy your new read!