Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just When We Thought it was Over

Good morning out there in blogland.  Winter sure is giving spring a run for its money this year, isn't it?  Just when we thought it was slowly making its way out of here, another storm slides in to pile us up with snow again.  So far it's a sleet sort of things with no accumulation, but they say later this afternoon when the cold air moves in, it's all gonna turn to snow, and by the time I get up tomorrow, the ground will be covered with about 8-10 inches of the white stuff.  I see a long weekend coming up for me. (Smiles)

"Nature does nothing uselessly"--Aristotle

Each morning as I get ready to go to work, I open a page of my book, "Earth Medicine: Ancestors Ways of Harmony for Many Moons" by Jamie Sams, and read.  It always leaves me with a good feeling.  How ironic that today's reading was one about snowflakes.  If you don't mind, I'd love to share it with you.

"Snowflakes hold the patterns of our dreams and desires inside their frozen Medicine Wheels.  Our thoughts and aspirations are alive and contain spirit.  Like wisps of smoke in a snowstorm, the spirit contained in our dreams takes form, fashioning the the unique patterns in each snowflake.

The frozen mound of collected dreams that form the glistening white crowns of majestic mountains return to us in spring to feed all living things.  The melted waters of the Snowflake Clan teach us to drink deeply of the sweet dreams that through mingling create harmony and nurture all of Creation until the end of time."

We all have dreams; we all have hope.  But we don't share them with others.  Perhaps we feel that they will laugh at us;  or maybe they will think our dreams are too unrealistic.  But holding our dreams to ourselves robs us of a level of friendship and intimacy with others.  So, tell someone your dreams.  Be vulnerable.  Open yourself up to someone.  For, according to the Clan Mother of the Second Moon, when we share the goodness of our personal dreams, we learn to piece together the shards of the Mother Earth's dream...which is Life abundant for all things.  


  1. Dear Mary,
    Snow...dreams...what a lovely post! Indeed we are dancing with Father Winter on this snowy day. A good day for dreaming.
    Be safe, happy, healthy..and blissful!!

  2. What a beautiful posting, Mary. It made me believe in spring again.... :)

  3. nice posting... sorry to hear yet another storm came your way... looks to stay around for a few more too... stay safe and be careful... and above all stay warm..

  4. I thought it left everything here in the midwest. I guess mother nature wanted to share with everyone :) Hope you've recovered from the food bug. X.

  5. I dream that one day I'll get to New York (I've always wanted to go) and I will buy you a nice cup of tea or latte or margarita! But I will wait until Spring or Fall, because you really do have long Winters there!

  6. Beautiful post Mary, and a beautiful affirmation.

  7. ~l♥ve this post mary...i just opened up myself this morning...wishing a safe warm wake for you...hopefully it won't be near as bad as the suggest...relief for you all in your weather...welcome mr. sun...brightest blessings~