Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good News and a Little Rant

Good afternoon.  It's another cold day here in the city....but the sun is shining so least for now it is.  We're watching for a weekend snowstorm.  Hopefully it veers away from here.  It's a cooking weekend for me so I need to get my food shopping done...and if there is to be a snowstorm Saturday, I will have to get my shopping done tomorrow after work...not something I enjoy doing on a Friday after a long week of work.  

Good news, everyone.  Hubby has a job.  Can you believe it?  The first interview he went for, he got hired and is scheduled to start in two weeks.  This gives him time to check out a couple more interviews he has.  It's amazing, because jobs are scarce here in the city...even in our field.  Many programs closed because of budget cutbacks, and all those people are out there looking for work.  

Meanwhile, I'm not sure if I will be able to keep up with all my blogs during the next few days.  I am just so overwhelmed...and I don't like feeling this way. I am not usually a grumpy person and I am feeling that way.  I just hate to sound ungrateful, and believe me, I'm grateful that my hubby will be working, but I am also burned out and disgusted with my own job.  I will be 63 next month so looking elsewhere is simply out of the question...and social security will simply not pay enough to survive, so what do you do? 

  My supervisor made a mistake and overbooked me with intakes for the past two weeks.  I have had 7 in all.  That all adds up to 7 hours of asking questions and since each intake packet processed takes about 3 hours each, it's 21 hours of paperwork.  I only work 35 hours a week, so that's almost an entire week just on my newcomers.  Now add 4 hours for running group, 25 half hour individual sessions, treatment plans, group notes, staff meetings, supervision, monthly reports, progress notes...and where does one find the time?  Ah, maybe I am just getting too old.  Sorry for complaining on what should be such a happy time, just had to get it off my chest.


  1. Hurray! Such good news about your husband! And I hope your supervisor wises up and won't overbook you again. Definitely take a little blogging break and just rest and have fun. Celebrate with The Hubster!

  2. Yay for the hubby! This is very good news!

    As for you - is there anyway to give some of these 7 intakes to another worker? This seems so unfair! Wish I won the lottery - I'd send you enought to retire! Grrr!

  3. Congrats to your husband. As for you, complain away! If you don't whine to your blog where will you?
    Brightest blessings**

  4. ~wonderful for your husband that the interview was prosperous...i am sorry to say i am at a loss for has been well over 10 plus years now that i have been home as a as you ask "what do you do" hhhmmm maybe twinkle your nose and wave your wand and wish real hard that you are retired and have nothing to fear...if only that easy for your current hours at work...that sounds like a heavy load to carry, i'm with rue on maybe another at work helping to lighten your duties a tad??? wish i had more...sending love and luck and brightest blessings~

  5. so glad to hear your hubby found a job.... sorry to hear you have been so burdened... you know though mary... they only give that kind of work to the best ones... I know that doesn't make it any easier yet it is the truth... sounds like a little R & R would do you good... about your blogs... i can not beleive you are able to keep up with them the way you do already... to me you are nothing short of super woman

  6. Woohoo!!! Hubs has a job! Yay!!!!

    Now if you could just get through this week at work you'd be golden!!

    Just take it day by day sweetie! You'll get there! ;)

  7. Wonderful news on your husbands job! As for you,..... deep breaths and one step at a time. I hope you are able to find joy in your job again one day.

  8. Yes, my therapist and I talk about paperwork some and how there have been lots of changes in medicaid etc. I know the center I go to just piles on the clients to the staff. I heard that in Indiana, by July, medicaid will be cutting lots of maintenance clients and those who only acutely need counseling will get the service. There is going to be a serious crisis in the mental health field if centers don't come up with some finding ways to hire more staff. Like cutting off treatment for non compliant clients. Right now my center is using the DBT class I am in to be a catch all for all levels of cognitive functioning people. DBT only works when a person can understand concepts and DBT is definitely not for people with blank stares on their faces.
    Thank you for doing the kind of work you do. It is a hard job. I know it is a blessing as well. Take care and have the best day you can!

  9. Congratulations to your hubby! You're right, jobs are insanely scarce just about everywhere. I'm so happy for you guys that he was offered something so soon and in your own field no less.

    Don't feel bad for venting, darling. We all need to do that from time to time, it is a pressure release that keeps us sane!

  10. So happy that your husband has the job.

    Sorry that you are getting burnt out at work.

    Please don't worry about blogging. Take care of yourself first. Listen to your 'gut feeling' and follow it. YOU are more important than anything else.