Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Big Winds Moon

Everything on Earth has a purpose,
Every disease and herb to cure it,
And ever person a message.  
This is the Indian theory of existence.
--Mourning Dove (1888-1936) 

Wishing everyone a good morning on this glorious day.  It's Thursday, the week is almost over...what more could a working girl ask for?  Actually, I'd kind of like to see time slow up some; it seems to be passing by too quickly.  Before I begin, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your kindness yesterday.  Believe me, it meant a lot.  I'm not gonna lie.  At first, I was real angry, and I did go to her blog with full intention of posting something just as inappropriate, but sanity stepped in and I realized, like the trolls in Yahoo groups, that will only carry this thing on, and perhaps even blow it far out of I chose not to.  I did see that she has done this before...and I also saw that we had absolutely nothing in common, so for the life of me, I cannot fathom what drew her over to my blog.  But, it's over, and I am going to forget and forgive.  She cannot get through to my blogs again.  

The Big Winds Moon
According to the Celtic Tree Calendar, this is the month of the Ash, but for the Native Americans, this is "The Big Winds Moon", the last moon of the Waboose (White Buffalo) , Spirit Keeper of the North.   
Animal:  Cougar
Plant:  Plantain
Mineral: Turquoise
Color: Blue-green
Element: Water

This is a moon of mystery when the season is almost ready to turn and the winds blow freely from all of the directions; it is a time of rapidly changing energies as the earth's children begin to prepare for the new growth that is to follow after their time of rest.  This is also a time when you will find that the mysterious and restless side of your nature intensifies.  

The cougar is the animal totem associated with this moon.  It  is an animal that is feared and misunderstood.  It is also known as the mountain lion, the puma, or even the panther.  Cougars are hunters and they like to chase.  The female is the aggressor but is loving and protective towards her kits.  They often work with their mates to hunt, and they hunt only for what they can eat.  They are mostly found in the western states, Florida, Canada, and Mexico.  The cougar teaches us about mystery and the need to establish a safe territory for ourselves.  When working on a spiritual vibration, cougars can teach us about speed, grace, sensitivity, mystery, and territoriality.  
The plant of this moon is the plantain.  It is a common healing herb which  teaches us about our healing abilities.   The entire plant can be used as a healer...both externally as compress to cool, soothe, and heal or internally as a tea.  The plantain is a reminder of the eternal promise of a new life; its deep roots demonstrate stability to help ground you to the earth. 

The mineral totem for this moon is the turquoise, the color is sky blue/green.  Turquoise is considered one of the earth's most protective minerals, and many Native Americans believe that this mineral will protect them from danger and injury.  In the past, it was used on shields to ward off enemies.  Turquoise has calming properties so it is a very good choice to give to someone who is going through a difficult time.
The blue and the green together helps you to feel the connection you you have been the Sky and the Earth.  There is an old Native American legend that say that the sky is blue because a golden spirit eagle sits atop of a turquoise mountain and reflects the mountain's color into the sky.  


  1. Hey, I can attest to how awesome plantain is! I've used it to treat bee stings and the like, works great! =)

    Great information as always!

  2. I did not know about the plantain plant. Thank you so much for sharing. Always have a chunk of turquoise with me. Getting to old not to. LOL


  3. The Big Winds Moon... I like that.

    Thank you for a very calming post.