Thursday, February 11, 2010

More on Empaths

Good morning, dear friends.  Well, the storm is over, and the cleanup now begins.  I made it into work today, and I must have been some sight to see.  The sidewalks in my neighborhood were a sheet of ice so I hung onto all the fences as I made my way to the subway station. Felt like I actually ice skated to work. I know, I'm crazy for coming in, but I haven't been here since Friday...and I really don't want to use up all my sick time.  And while looking for a scene with ice skating in it, I came across this one and just had to share.  This one looks so much like the one I have for my Christmas village...only my skaters move in a circle...and they actually DO move.  I can sit and watch it for hours.

Today I wanted to share a little more about empaths since many of you appeared to be quite interested in the topic.  

Empathy is an identification and understanding of another's situation and feelings; being sensitive to.  Most of us do have the capacity to be empathetic towards another, but as an empath, one's capicity for empathy is so much greater than others, to the point where they feel like they are going crazy or become physically ill.  In fact, some empaths are so sensitive that they appear to be psychic.   They have a high emotional resonance and are very sensitive to emotional energy.  They are able to tune into and amplify even the subtlest of changes.  An empath is the person who walks into the room and immediately picks up the vibes--positive or negative.

And empath can 'feel' the emotions of the people around them....and the danger here is that if one is unaware of their increased empathy, they can easily wind up believing that these emotions are their own.  An empath begins to question why they are feeling angry, or low, or sad.  There MUST be a reason, so the empath begins looking for one.  He/she doesn't realize that the only reason is their high level of empathy.

An empath's high level of emotional resonance can also make it difficult for them to spend time in any crowded environment in which one is surround by all kinds of emotions--excitement, anger, confusion, anxiety.  An empath finds that they are suddenly expressing the same emotions...and for no reason.  And, energy tends to build up whenever one spends some time amongst a crowd of people to the point where it can become so overwhelming that the empath actually begins to feel physically ill--headaches, nausea, high blood pressure; these are not unusual symptoms for an empath who has been swamped with excessive emotional energy.  

Before ending today, I would like to discuss what they call 'energy vampires'.  What are they?  I had mentioned the other day that complete strangers will approach me and begin discussing events in their lives which I have no business knowing.  The same was true for my neighbors, and it got so bad that I could no longer sit out on my front porch.  When one would leave, another would approach.  These are the 'energy vampires'.  They are drawn to empaths because they can intuitively feel when one will empathize and offer support without judging them.  They seek you out...either for advise or merely to vent.  And, vice versa, and empath will naturally gravitate towards people who are in pain.  Unfortunately, this opens one up to becoming a constant victim, of collecting all manner of troubled folk.

There's far more that I have learned, but it is just too much to tackle in one day.  So, until tomorrow, I will bid thee farewell...Hope you all stay safe and dry...and may this truly be the end of the winter storms.  Wishful thinking never hurts.


  1. I would be curious to see how I would score on the 6 page test . . . have a link somewhere? I can seriously relate. I can hear a phone vibrating downstairs in my house and can hear someone chewing in another room. Its really annoying. I tend not to eat crunchy things because it hurts my head. My ears are fine by the way.This is just one of the issues :)

  2. Be careful out there with all the ice! Enjoyed your post today.

  3. Yes, I very clearly am an empath. But I seem to be able to shut it down at will. In other words, when I want to tune in I can, but I don't have to if I think it is too heavy to handle. How is that possible?
    And I know that I sound weird, but there is more. I can turn the flow also, and influence a persons state of mind and thoughts. Do you know anything about this?
    And there's even more, but I will save that for another time. :)

  4. Mary... such an interesting subject this is... thank you also for the link to the empath community... I know there was a time when I struggled greatly with this because I did not understand fully what was going on. Being able to converse with others of like state is extremely helpful. I had a couple people who were wonderfulin helping me to understand it and also ways to not let it control me. It can be a wonderful gift and also a heavy burden.... I look forwad to hearing more from you on the subject. be careful with all the ice... the last thing you need is to fall dear... take care

  5. Careful Mary...
    As for me...I'm just off the wall in some places (O: But my Mom is much like yourself.
    She both fascinates me and makes me giggle sometimes..
    Good info.

  6. Very good information here, thank you for sharing it with us. It seems you're really onto what's going on with things now and that is awesome. I'm very glad for you. Also, I'm glad you made it to work safely today, what a mess it is! >.<

  7. Just wondering... Some people are actually terrified of crowds... And perhaps think they are subject to a phobia? Could it be, that some, are unknowing empaths? And if so, how sad if they are not being counseled for the proper thing. -sigh-

  8. Energy Vampires... I don't think you have to be an empath, to have this issue to deal with. Or am I seeing Energy Vampires in a broader way, than you mean here? Perhaps that's it.

    Guess I'm thinking of the people who always seem to be under a dark cloud. Always have something sad/unhappy to say. Always can bring you down, if you let them. And sad to say, one finds that they avoid such people, if possible.

    Another issue I guess...

  9. Does the self-delusion of feeling one can "fix" things, come into the empath issue? Or is that a separate issue too? The person who has "delusions" of being able to "fix" or of "having all the answers".... Guess that person has their own problems, and they need have no empath abilities.

    Wow, am I doing *great* at coming up with loose tangents here? Yes I am. :-(

  10. ~an enlightening post written...some much information you have learned and now hopefully can find comfort within knowing what has been happening inside you...what you carry...i truly do wish for you to continue often about really interesting. i love the ice skater and i could see how and why you coul dget mesmorized by watching it go round...warm safe wishes for you and brightest blessings~