Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Tuesday Catch Up

Sorry I haven't been checking in, but it's been a hectic week.  That and I am suffering once again from that shoulder pain which kept me from the computer last year.  That's the main reason I haven't been here.  It hurts too much.

On Friday I paid the rest of the money for the funeral.  However,
when the sales rep charged me the rest of the money for Ant's funeral she added in the overtime amount that occurs whenever you hold a funeral service  there after 11:30 on a Saturday. Then when she went to the office they told her, no, that she could not charge the overtime fee ahead of time, that I have to pay that in person on the day of the funeral. So the sales rep then voided the first transaction and charged me again minus the overtime fees. Well, to make a long story short, both are showing up as pending in my bank account. And it's quite a large amount. Must give it a few days to see if it posts (according to TD bank). Otherwise, if I choose to go in before it posts,  I would have to pay $30 for an investigation. If I wait til it posts then it will cost me nothing but the headache. Have to go to the bank anyway on Saturday so I guess I will take care of it then. I mean, do I really need all this extra stress in my life right now? Fortunately I saved the email she sent explaining the mistake and her voiding the charge.  

Picked up my son's ashes on Sunday.  He is home.  Old wounds have re-opened.  I think until I set the urn on the shelf I was able to live in some sort of denial.  This has made it real. I also had the funeral director put some ashes in an urn necklace I bought and two urn crosses--one for my son and the other for the woman my son loved from the time he was five years old.

I am pretty angry with my doctor.  He is refusing to refill my BP medication until I come in for my 6 month check up.  He did give me a 10 day supply and he didn't realize it was early so I still had almost 3 weeks.  I am angry because I told them my son had passed and I was planning the funeral, that I needed some time to grieve, and promised that after the funeral on November 7th, I would make an appointment.  He just doesn't care.  I even got a letter from him in the mail "Please make your appointment ASAP".  I understand my health is important, but aside from HBP and chronic pain, I'm healthy.  This appointment could wait a couple of weeks.  It's all about the money.  Since Covid they haven't been seeing patients, and making money, like they used to.  I just think they are being heartless right now.  Even thought of finding another doctor.

I am continuing with my regular class and taking a few elsewhere.  Dropped out of the writing course because my heart wasn't in it right now.  I couldn't concentrate like they wanted me to.  This week there has been a series of telesummits on FB that I have been attending.  So perfect for the week of Sanhaim--The Samhain Spirit Summit.  It's been great and I am learn quite a bit about folk magic. Yesterday there was talk about Iceland, and I learned things about the Vikings and ancient ancestors that I hadn't know.  

I don't know if I ever mentioned, when people ask me what my ethic background is I always say English, Irish, German, and Dutch.  That is what I believed until I received an update result of my DNA test.  Turns out I am 45 percent England and Western Europe, 30 percent Scottish, 14 percent Germanic Europe, 5 percent Swedish, 3 percent Wales, only 2 percent Irish, and Icelandic.  It was total surprise for me.  Now I am brushing up on Scottish history and foods.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. I am so very sorry to hear that you have shoulder pain and banking issues to attend to as well. You have had more than enough on your plate for a very long time. Sadly the doctor's disdain for all you are going through doesn't surprise me.
    Be as kind to yourself as you can. Please.

  2. I have been keeping my endocrinologist at bay by to televideo visits instead of office visits. His office is in a hospital building and I have no intention of going inside of a hospital building. I don't want to ride in a germy air elevator and I physically can't walk up steps. The other problem is that the wait is usually a while and it is ways from our house, I don't feel safe using a public restroom while this virus is pretty bad in our area. I have read that the air in restrooms has a heavy virus presence because of the plume of air that rises when the toilet is flushed. The doctor agreed to a video visit, but I don't know how long he will continue to do that. It sure does feel like some doctors that insist people endanger themselves to come to an appointment that could easily be put off for a long while if nothing has changed with the patient, are just in it for the money.

    I'm sorry you are having so much shoulder pain, and banking aggravation, and an annoying doctor all going on at the same time.

  3. Sorry to read that your shoulder pain has come back, sorry too about the banking issues ... a big GRRRR I know you can well do without all this!

    On a positive note, so pleased you enjoyed The Samhain Spirit Summit.

    Thinking of you and sending lots of healing thoughts your way.

    All the best Jan

  4. My ancestors is pretty much the same as yours.
    England and Northern Europe 39%
    Scottish 26%
    Wales 12%.
    And there more, but maybe for Samhain we could have a simple dish that my ancestors, might of had.
    Sorry about the doctor and some people could learn empathy.
    Stay Safe and coffee is on

  5. I am so sorry that you keep hitting obstacles while you are trying so hard to get your life back to some kind of normalcy.
    I wish you the very best Mary 🍂🌙🍁

  6. I'm sorry you have pain in your shoulder and in your heart..love js

  7. Sorry to hear about the added stress! Definitely might be time to look for a doctor!!!

  8. Doctors can be frustrating at times. But perhaps he wants to make sure all the stress you've been dealing with hasn't caused further problems with your BP. A quick visit might be easy and you could discuss the shoulder pain.

  9. Sorry to hear the shoulder is acting up again. And for all the mess and stress you are going through. None of us need that right now.
    I have my own problems with medicaid saying I have another insurance that I don't have and so they are denying my claims. Here's the kicker...the company they say is my other insurance...isn't even an insurance company!
    Here's hoping both our messes get sorted out.
    Love you lady *BIG HUGS* to you.

  10. Hi Mary -- I hope all is well with you and your husband. Just popping in to say "hi" and wish you a good Thanksgiving.

  11. Thinking of you on this day dear Mary.
    Praying that all is well with you.

    Miss you 💮❤💮

  12. Thinking of you Mary and hope you are doing OK. You are missed.

  13. Like Arleen, I am thinking of you and hope you are ok.

  14. Dearest Mary,
    I just wanted to pop in and wish you and the husband a happy and healthy new year. I pray this year will be a kinder and gentler year for us all.
    Hope you are doing well. Thinking of you my friend.
    Much love,

  15. Hi Mary! Just dropping by to say hi! I'm thinking of you and I hope you and your hubby are ok! Sending Big Hugs and Lots Of Love!

  16. You came to mind today and I came here to see if you had posted anything new. Thinking of you and hoping you and your husband are doing alright. Take care.

    Susie D.

  17. I have quietly stopped by many times.
    I do not wish to disturb you or your family but this time I just wanted to say that you are missed so very much.

    With Prayers and Love, Jan

  18. I echo Jan's/JFM thoughts and words.

    Thinking of you.

    All the best Jan

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  20. I thought about you today and hope that everything is ok with you.

    Take care.

  21. Missing you. Hoping for you, wherever/however you are.