Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday Roundup

Good Friday morning.  I've been busy packing here.  Sure does feel like I'm moving.  Wish I was.  I've so many breakables, cherished items to pack away for safety.  Will definitely be on top of things when they are moved to the lobby.

It's been a pretty busy week here.  I had a quiet day on Monday.  It was so stormy I chose not to go to class.  Good to be able to make a chance without losing a sick day.  On Tuesday I found out that they are going to start doing the electrical work on my apartment on Monday.  They tell me that I don't have to start preparing until Sunday, but heck, I'm 71 years old with chronic pain disorder so I have to do things slowly.  I can't be moving things around like the young people next door.  And, oh what a mess they have.  Dust all over the place.  I worry about hubby and his COPD.  I told him to find a place to stay for these few days.  I'll stay here and watch over our things.
This is what they did with a lot of the stuff from next door.  Out in the lobby.  And they don't have half the things I have.  She took me in to look around, and oh, what a mess.  All I want to do is cry.  And I did.  That is how I handle stress.
Hanging in the lobby.  Our instructions.
Our neighbor's entrance.  The entire apartment looks like this.  Holes all over the place.  Dust and broken sheet rock on the floor in every room.
 The neighbor's bedroom ceiling.
The neighbor's kitchen living room combo.  We're one of the lucky ones.  We have a much larger apartment than the rest.  Her only closets are in the cooking area.
 The neighbor's bedroom.  All around the baseboard is holes.  Now I have to worry about mice again.
 The bathroom.  Disgusting.  Oh, please don't ruin my pretty bathroom.

There are 59 apartments that are going to look like this, one by one.  We are talking now about standing together for housecleaning when done and money off of our rent because the apartments are unlivable.  It's totally unacceptable that we  should be left to clean the mess.

On Wednesday I went to classes and gave in my money order.  Continued packing my breakables when I got home.  Didn't make my meeting yesterday.  It was 8:50 am when I was just finishing up a FB message when I heard a loud pop, and my power was gone.  Crackling noises in the walls and the smell of burnt wires.  Scared the crap out of me.  I ran upstairs for the guys.  Turns out that one of the guys in the basement had pulled the wrong cord, realized what he did, and then plugged it back in.  Made a mess of my computer.  Had to re-log into everything.  Not easy with a 71 year old brain.

No cooking done this week.  I want to use up what I already have in the freezer.  No telling how long the refrigerator will be off.  Didn't do any shopping either.  Won't be able to fix meals for a few days.  I such an unhappy camper right now.  I am so worried about my breakables, and I have to miss all my classes next week.  

My Autumn decorations are now down and packed away.  A whole week's work that I was able to enjoy for one week.  But, to add insult to injury, I lost a hundred dollars because of this.  The focus group place called me to participate in another survey on Tuesday that paid $100, and I had to turn it down.  Darn.  Darn.  Darn.

On the plus side, at least I will have been one of the first ones to have it done.   I can sit back when everyone else is having their apartments torn apart and know that I no longer have to worry about it.  I had bought a book not too long ago entitled "Bless this House"  by Mama Donna Henes.  I had put it away for when we move into our new place.  Now, I guess since my place will be pretty much new (new walls, paint job) it would be very appropriate when we are ready to settle back in. And I will still have time to enjoy my Autumn decor before it's time to set up for Christmas.

As I sit here listening to the news, I realize I'm sounding whiny.  Just thinking and praying for all those people in the Carolina's.  People are already on their roof waiting for rescue.  Now they put more lives in danger.  The rescuers must now fight to get to them.  Broke my heart when I heard a family with a baby chose to stay.  Are your material items more important than that baby's life?  So sad.


  1. People in general these days have little common sense anymore as I see it. Stupid and risky of those so-called parents IMO!

    My sympathies for what they are putting you through where you live. I would have cried too! Hopefully, it will not take very long before you can settle back into your place.

  2. Hurricanes should not be toyed with. They are very destructive and take many lives. My baby's safety would come before any material possessions. What good did it do for them to stay.
    So sorry to hear about what you are going through. I do hope that you will soon be enjoying your almost new "home-sweet-home" again in time for the autumn season that you love so much~


  3. good morning Mary.....I know this is a bit of a drag having to do this right now....but you will return to a much fresher and MUCH SAFER apartment. Electrical issues are nothing to mess with.



  4. I would have wept too.
    Good luck.
    And to those in Florence's path. And to those in the Phillipines who face a tornado.

  5. I don't envy you the upcoming disruption while they do your apartment. I hope everything goes well and quickly!

  6. I just shuddered when I thought about the ‘upgrades’ that you will be living through!!!!

  7. I sure hope everything goes well! You should not be cleaning anything up!!! Big Hugs!