Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Ramble: Warning

People who think they know it all are especially annoying to those of us who do.


Good morning, everyone.  Can't believe it is 'Hump Day' already. I tell you what, though. Yesterday should have been called 'Grump Day' to be sure.  Don't know if it was the humidity, the planets,  or the haziness of the sky.  Whatever it was,  grumpiness surrounded me yesterday, and I refused to let myself be drawn into it. It all began on the bus when people began arguing over seats. The bus had been late, and it was quite packed, but I had been standing for so long that I just wanted to get there so I could have a seat in a cool, air-conditioned place.  There were no seats available, but I knew it was only for a few stops so I didn't complain. 

But another senior wanted to sit and an 'almost senior' did not want to relinquish her seat.  Eventually the bus driver had to step in, and he made all of the non-seniors move to the rear so I ended up getting a seat after all. I have to say I was quite relieved.  

Then, I stopped in Pathmark for my prescriptions and a few items I needed. I stopped at the service desk at the wrong time.  Pathmark staff were huddled around, and they were all standing around placing their orders for breakfast.  Meanwhile, customers were becoming quite agitated...Not a good time for someone to try to cut the line, but they did.  Not too bright.  Whoa, boy, did they go off on him.  Thought it was going to get physical right then and there.  I walked off.  Forget the coupon.  Not worth it.

It wasn't much better at the Center.  There were two men seated a few tables down.  They had that 'I'm new, and I don't know what to do' look.  One of the wandered over to the table next to me, picked up a magazine and took  it back to his table to read.  Now, mind you, the magazine was open and a cup of coffee sat next to it, so it was obvious that someone had already been reading this magazine. So, why would you take it? Now the man who had been reading it walked in, discovered it missing, and spotted the man was reading it.  He angrily snatched it away and began yelling obscenities and continued his rant, despite the man's apologies, until someone had to come over and pull him away. Then, you know what he did?  He opened to the page he was reading and left the room.  He didn't even want the darn magazine, and besides, it belonged to the Center. Now, it it had been me, and I wasn't going to be reading it, I would have told the man who could read it for the time being, but not to take any of my things again. 

But, it still wasn't over for those poor men.  One of the volunteers came over and very angrily said, "That's my seat.  You have to move." He is not usually that way but he was downright nasty. The men quietly got up and moved to the next table. And sooner did they get comfortable at the next table another man came and waved them away from the seats with his cane. It amazes me how attached these seniors get to their seats.  I was one of them not too long ago, but since then have learned to let it go. The only time I do get annoyed, but I don't show it, is when my peer who takes the free dinner comes and brings her daughter who is NOT a client but always takes my seat.  Not nice.

I don't know where the two men went after that because Bingo had started, but one thing I am pretty much sure of, they won't be back tomorrow after the terrible welcome they had.

Do you have a 'know it all' in your life?  Don't they just bug you?  I find them especially hard to deal with, especialy  when they are nice and you genuinely like them as a person.  Gloria is such a person.  I really like her and enjoy having her as a friend,  but I wish she would stop pretending she knows it all.  (or perhaps she believes she does) Take yesterday, for example. At the lunch table we began chatting about food, and one of the women remarked that she loves the chili they make at the Center. She said she used to eat the canned chili until she read the back and found out how much sodium it had in it. I added that as much as I love pizza, I haven't had any in over a year due to the high sodium content in a slice and  Gloria comes out with, 'I always add garlic powder.  It makes it taste better and alleviates the sodium.' First time I heard that one.  Then she asks me, 'Did you know you can season with garlic instead of salt when you cook?'  What can one say to that? Just nod and act like she really taught me something.

But the best was when we were served our lunch the other day,  and she pointed out the vegetables, 'That's broccoli and carrots.'  Deep down I wanted to say, 'No kidding Dick Tracy' but chose instead to remain silent and keep my chuckle to myself. It's all just so silly.  Insecurity. That's what it is. I think she just can't help herself.  Maybe something happened in her life that makes her feel she has to prove herself.  Maybe she was always made to feel 'less than' and compensates now by acting like she is smarter than everyone else. Maybe she feels she has to be smart to fit in.  I don't know why she does it.  It's annoying, yes, but I am learning to deal with it. Way I see it I have two choices--let the friendship go or remain her friend, and I choose the latter.  I'm learning to accept the things I cannot change. 

Have a wonderful day.


  1. I would have laughed out loud at the broccoli and carrots thing! Where does she think you're from that you wouldn't recognize those two veggies? Lol

  2. I tried the Center in my town some years back as I was itching to play Cribbage. Wrong move. ISYN!
    Cribbage was played in teams and my partner was a "cut throat" out for blood.
    Yeah, I didn't come back to play Cribbage after that !
    Why did I lead with this card, why did I do that.
    Didn't need the aggravation.
    Mike didn't play Cribbage, Ed does. :0) I'm all set now.
    We do Senior trips though every once in awhile.
    The b

  3. Dang Blogger froze up AGAIN!
    Last sentence is:

    The bus seating can get shaky. ;0)