Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Random Thoughts

Good morning, everyone. Another humid day ahead, but all in all, it is so much better than least year.  Yesterday was hot and humid, but there was a breeze that made it bearable.  Can't complain.  Before we know it, the cold will be setting in.  Don't mind the cold either.  It's the ice I don't like, and that's only because I am afraid of falling. 

My eldest came to dinner last night. It's been awhile.  He has been so busy with Blue Bloods and Elementary.  My youngest is always traveling for his job.  Sadly, I don't get to see him as often. 

For dinner I  made a meat sauce with sausages served with paccheri pasta.  Paccheri are large tubes traditionally from Naples. 'According to legend, the paccheri were invented as a way to smuggle at least four garlic cloves in each piece. Italian garlic farmers thought that the garlic in what once was Prussia and is now Austria was less flavorful than that grown in Italy. When the Prussian government banned trade in Italian garlic, the Italian garlic farmers hid garlic cloves inside paccheri when crossing the border.' 

My son's plate.  I feed him well when he visits.  Although he knows how to cook for himself, nothing is as good as mama's cooking.  

The latest news. A possible case of Ebola here in New York City?  I don't even want to think about it.  Test results should be in today. Praying that it is just some simple virus.

What am I reading right now?  Haven't been able to find something to really hold my interest for awhile.  That is, until I found 'The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories, and Time' by Rhea Wolf.  So far I am really enjoying it.  Here is the back cover description:

'As a symbolic language of the psyche, the ancient and modern practice of Astrology can help us uncover patterns in our lives. Filled with thoughtful analysis and practical magic, this thorough primer on the Moon sheds light on how to use Lunar Astrology to increase self-awareness and nourish the roots of the soul. Whether you are new to astrology or continuing in your professional practice, you will find fresh insights and tools for working with Lunar Energy. With candor and compassion, astrologer Rhea Wolf investigates the mythic meaning of the Moon in various stories and folktales. She provides guidance for aligning with the Moon's rhythmic journey from New to Full each month. And she offers inspiring exercises for personal exploration based on the themes of the Moon in the Natal Chart. Creating a more loving, just and peaceful planet happens as each one of us deepens our understanding of the authentic self. Learning about the Moon can help you find ways to nurture yourself, relate to others in healthy ways and activate your inner resources in order to flow with the changes of life.'

I was shocked to learn that the nurse returned to the job  yesterday.  They almost killed her there.  They worked her even harder than me, and she ended up having heart problems.  She is aware that it is still stressful there, even moreso now, yet she returns.  As an RN she could be making triple the money they pay her there.  Personally, I feel she has some esteem issues which hold her down. She doesn't think she is good enough.  She has posted hundreds of pictures of herself on Facebook and asks how she looks, and I remember when she would cook and bring food to work, she was always wanting everyone to praise her.  I was born in late March, she in early April.  Her feelings were hurt because my birthday cake had been bigger than hers.  She used to make me so made, but in the long run, I feel sorry for her. 

And with that, I'm off to the shower.  I like to shower early so I can spend at least an hour with Miss Minga before I go.  Have a good one.


  1. The book sounds wonderful, Mary. I think I'll find a copy for myself! :)

    The whole Ebola thing scares the you know what out of me!!

  2. That pasta dish looks amazing! I am literally drooling. I have had any in sooo long. Goddess! I am making some, first thing tomorrow!
    Anyway, your son works for two of my favorite shows. Especially Blue bloods. I think you just triggered another marathon!
    Lots and lots of love!

  3. I love to watch Blue Bloods especially when they show scenes from Greenpoint, I get all giddy because I get to see places where I grew up. Even I don't recognize some things since they changed so much over the years. The pasta dish looks delish!!!
    As for this whole ebola thing, I can't help but wonder if the media makes all this seem out of control. It's like every other person that gets admitted with some sort of symptoms they're already crying ebola before tests are even back. I can't help but wonder if its a scare tactic for the media and I just saw something earlier where they want to test some sort of vaccines on adults here. Fear will have people flocking and the pharmacutical company making bank. Just my thoughts, not that it doesn't worry me I just can't help but wonder.

  4. I too especially love the Sunday table scenes!