Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Wee Bit of Nothing.

Have you ever been out for a late autumn walk in the closing part of the afternoon, and suddenly looked up to realize that the leaves have practically all gone? You hadn't realized it. And you notice that the sun has set already, the day gone before you knew it — and with that a cold wind blows across the landscape. That's retirement. 

Stephen Leacock

Good morning, everyone.  Life is sure is good in retirement.  Despite the pain, I am making the best of it.  I certainly have no regrets about my decision. Best move I could have made.  Today I am off in the morning to do my food shopping and this evening will be going to a cookout.  There is a church a couple of blocks from me that houses the students who come in the summer and volunteer services at different sites. Every Thursday at 6  pm they have a neighborhood cookout.  Many of my peers attend every week. Haven't been to a real cookout in several years now and am looking forward to it.

On Monday, the nurse at my old job, who got sick and was forced to go out on leave shortly after I did went back to work.  Up until recently she was undecided about returning.  She has heart problems which were exasperated by the high level of stress at the job.  While some people never do much of anything and get away with it, others like myself and the nurse used to bust our butts with little to none positive acknowledgement.  But, that's all over now for me.  She, on the other hand, chose to return despite my warnings, and already, only three days later she is feeling it.  She messaged me last night that there was a ton of medical assessments waiting for her, new groups to run, and peers pressuring her to cook lunch for them.  She said her head was pounding, and she feels her stress level rising already.  

We all have choices, and she made hers. (((Sigh)))  I can only hope and pray that her health doesn't falter.  She has already had two heart operations.

Oh gosh, when I retired and started attending a senior center I really didn't quite know what to expect. At first it seemed so quiet and serene, yet underneath it all is a miniature Peyton Place.  I feel like a teenager again.  Not that I have any interest in a relationship, but it is so much fun guessing who is going to pair up with who. There are three Italian sisters, widows, who really love playing the field.  One of them got involved with a married man.  One day the man's wife showed up, and boy did those fireworks fly. The man followed his wife out with his head bowed like a puppy dog and was never seen again. The next day the sister was out on the dance floor with another man.  Sure hope this one isn't married.

There is another married man who appears to have become enamored with one of the Asian women.  I will say that they are very beautiful and age very well.  His wife came with him a few times and sat with us at our table.  What a talker!!! She stopped coming because she said the place 'made her feel old'. She is actually older than me.  It is obvious from the way she talks, she has not accepted the aging process very well. One thing I had discovered about her was that she was actually quite prejudiced.  Oh boy, if she could see her hubby now.  

Not too long ago a couple was found up on the roof having sex.  Too funny. I tell you, with taller buildings surrounding the center, they had no shame.  From what I understand it was one of the neighbors who reported them. 

 A bit of history for you before I close.  The first senior center was started in New York City in the 1940's by a group of NYC Welfare Department workers who believed that the older people they were working with would benefit from a place to meet, socialize, and organize activities.
 *The Aging Networks: A Guide to Programs and Services By Kelly Niles-Yokum, Donna L. Wagner


  1. "Just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there isn't a fire in the furnace!"

  2. "benefit from a place to meet, socialize, and organize activities." I bet they never considered some of the activities these seniors would organize!!!! :)

  3. Oh Mary...had to smile at this post. Us old folks can be might darn "feisty" when we need to be. LOL LOL



  4. Loved your Post and the Comments!
    THX for the smiles.