Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning This and That

 “Mondays are the start of the work week which offer new beginnings 52 times a year!”

  David Dweck

Good morning, everyone.  Here we are again at the beginning of another week.  The weather this week was simply gorgeous.  Couldn't ask for more.  And they are saying that by the end of the week, the temps will be down in the 70's...a far cry from last year's never ending heat waves.  Did you catch the moon last night?  Gorgeous, wasn't it?  I took some pictures, but alas the car headlights caused a glare.  My son sent me this fantastic picture, though.

Had a really nice quiet weekend.  On Saturday I took a walk to the park and sat for awhile.  There was an older Chinese man there, and he was playing some sort of instrument.  The music was lovely.  For awhile I just closed my eyes savored the feeling of the breeze brushing across my face.  In fact, given more time, I think I would have totally fallen off to sleep...not something one wants to do in a Brooklyn park.  Not that it is so bad.  It is just that one can never be careful.  Things happen in even the best neighborhoods.

On Sunday I went to church in the morning and had nothing, absolutely nothing on the agenda for the afternoon.  Didn't even have to cook.  Hubby went to his sisters.  She was having a rosary for his mom, something she does every year for the anniversary of her death.  I loved hubby's mom dearly, and the first few years I used to go, but it all in Spanish and it goes on for HOURS.  He ate over there so I cut myself up a salad.  

I cherish my alone time. Just imagine having the whole day to yourself. There is surprisingly less of it now that I retired. There is just so much to do.  And, with hubby not working either, I no longer have the luxury of that sick day home alone. Not that I am complaining, mind you.  I love that man with all my heart, but we all need a little downtime once in awhile when we can just toss caution to the wind and be ourselves. In the old place, I used to toss off all my clothes and do all my cooking and housework in the buff. I don't do it where I live now.  I just don't feel comfortable enough.  Now I usually wait until dusk, turn off the computer, the television, light some candles, and rock quietly in my chair.  Another time I started cutting out my paper dolls.  Couldn't resist them. It doesn’t matter what I do when I am alone, as long as I have just a wee bit of time alone.

Look how tall my money tree has grown. It's becoming a real tree now.  Time to replant and looks like it's about ready to put on the floor. Will have to do some research and see if leaves are toxic to pets.

Speaking of pets.  You should have seen Miss Minga chasing a grape around my living room last night just like a sprite little kitten.  She is amazing for 22 years.

Bedbugs.  On the N train?  That's the train I had to take back and forth to work.  Now there is another reason to be glad for retirement. I don't have to ride that darn train anymore. Yukky creatures!!!! I start to itch just thinking about them. But, there are all kinds who ride the subways.  One day I was on my way to work when I saw a couple of roaches crawling around on the woman seated across from me.  She was snoozing so she didn't even notice.  Of course, all kinds of people ride buses as well, but they seem to keep them cleaner.  In fact, I have never stepped into a dirty bus.  I'm wondering if that's because it's a more personal situation for the bus driver.  Subway conductors are locked in their own little space.  Bus drivers are out in the open.  Just a thought.

Well, it's that time.  Have to jump in the shower, have breakfast, and mosey on over to the Center.  Have a good one. 


  1. Yes, the Super Moon was big and bright, shining through my bedroom window last night!

  2. It sounds like that must have been some very soothing music you were listening too in that park, and I too like when the weather isn't quite so hot . . . seventy temperatures are just right for me.

    I clicked onto that picture with the moon, and that's a beautiful scene, also the photo of your plant, I must say looks thriving.

    Have a good day my friend.