Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Roundup

 A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.

Thomas Keller

Well, Friday has arrived and it is going to be a lovely day.  In fact, they say the entire weekend is going to be clear and cool.  Definitely time to get out of the house and enjoy. I am planning making a fruit salad and heading out for lunch in the park tomorrow, so today I am off to the fruit stand. Sounds like a good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

What a lunch we had yesterday!!!  Sure overdid my daily sodium level but once in awhile doesn't hurt.  At least that is what I like to tell myself.  Makes it sound less sinful.  They served manicotti, meatball, sausage, salad, roll, jello, and a cannoli.  Both cooks are from Italy so you just know that the food was authentic and delicious.  I went home feeling like a stuffed goose.  

And it was a darned good thing my intuition told me to go to the Center earlier than usual.  The place was packed.  Any later and I may not have been able to sit with my friends. 

You may think I am crazy, but lately I have been missing work.  Not substance abuse counseling, but doing something.  I'm not sure what. I just feel as if I am missing something.  I know it is irrational, and I AM very happy with retirement.  I love not having to answer to anyone.  But then there are times  I watch the workers at the Center and wish that I was one of them.  Of course, that's not going to happen. A change of careers at 68?  That would mean back to school, and I don't think that is going to happen.  I don't have it in me.  Will definitely have to find out what planetary transit may be at the root of  this restlessness within.

Perhaps it is because sometimes I find it hard thinking of myself as a client.  I've had my own clients for so long, I sometimes have difficulty with the fact that I am on the opposite side now.

Got my reimbursement check back from the health plan.  I can't believe they had the nerve to deduct their monthly payment from it.  What about the $30 I had to lay out in a late fee because of the stupidity of the person who opened the check and assumed I was paying 96 years in advance.  Can't believe the bank that accepted the check was none other than Chase.  I would expect better from them.

Well, that's about it for now.  Not going to the Center today.  Never go on Friday because they always serve fish, and I have never liked it.  Only fish I eat is a nice tuna sandwich.  

See you all on Monday.  May your weekend be filled with lots of love and laughter. 


  1. Ooooo! That Italian dinner sounds absolutely yummy! I love pasta dishes. Such comfort food! :)

    You have a lovely weekend Mary! Hugs!

  2. I hope you enjoyed yourself at the park, I myself love sitting outside when I eat, for I find that very relaxing.

  3. U don't know what u r missing!
    Luv,luv,luv shrimp, flounder ,scallops, fried clams, halibut, haddock, lobster, and on and on and ON.
    That's okay Mary, more for me! ;0)