Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

I would like to begin today by thanking all of you for your wonderful, supportive comments yesterday.  Sometimes there are things that occur in our lives which might not touch us directly, but still have a great impact on our feelings and our emotions.  And after writing it all out, I do feel better.  You don't know how many times during the past week I started to write about it and then deleted what I had written.  I realize, too, that after I wrote about the incident...and read all of your comments...that it wasn't only seeing the body on the street, but it was the way those around me were reacting.  It also made me realize that the fact is...when tragedies like this occur, it is those so-called ambulance chasers that make the most noise and draw the most attention.  The respectful people are not to be seen because they do not see it as a 'show'.  

Debra had mentioned yesterday that we have become desensitized to violence and death today because  we are bombarded with it on television and video games.  I've been saying that for years.  This so-called music they listen to today is filled  with rape, violence, murder, guns, yet there are those who deny that this has any effect on our youngsters.  I beg to differ.  I believe today's music has much to do with our gang violence today.   Not too long ago an elderly woman in the Bronx was sitting in her own apartment watching television when she was killed by a stray bullet.  And a 12 year old girl was shot and killed in Brooklyn as she was leaving a funeral...a drive-by shooting gone bad.  Yes, there have always been gangs, but innocents were rarely caught in the crossfire back in the day.  Gangs rumbled with each other in their own territories with chains and bats...not guns....Remember "West Side Story"? 

The other night I was in lying in bed, and hubby had the television on.  I love to fall asleep to the television.  I don't know way...always been that way.  Well, I am just about to doze off when I heard the familiar voice of the late Freddie Mercury of "Queen", and shudders rippled through my body.  He was singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" and I thought, now THAT was when music was music.  Yes, Queen was flamboyant and bizarre, but they sure did no how to make music.  No longer sleepy, I was enthralled as I watched them perform "We Will Rock You", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "I Want it All", and "We Are the Champions".  I was brought to tears when Freddie began to sing "The Show Must Go on" for he was close to death and knew it was his time,, but still insisted on doing this song as a legacy for his fans.  I found the following on YouTube.

Yes, times have changed.  Our music has become more violent.  Our world has become more violent.  We cannot go back; we can only go forward, but where DO we go from here?  How DO we bring peace and love to our planet?



  1. Where's my soapbox? Oh, here it is! We must try to live our own lives according to the values we want. We must try to make our voices heard in our communities and governments. And there's also an old saying, "If you want peace, work for justice." Violence increases among those who feel dispossessed and excluded. Social and economic justice give people a stake in creating a peaceful society.

    If we just put our minds to it, we could have the world reformed by -- oh, I don't know -- next Tuesday? LOL!

  2. Do we have to reach bottom?

    Before we go back up? :-(


    But can't comment much...

    Have a sore elbow...

    It hurts to use right arm/hand...

  3. Wish I had something profound to say here. I love Debra's response!

    Perhaps a few women running things? A bit more peace, love and understanding. Balancing out the huge gap in social and economic classes. I don't know. But one person really can make a difference. Even if it is a small ripple, it travels outward farther than you know.

    You have made a ripple.