Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Saturday Afternoon

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday afternoon.  I've been feeling a little better today.  The sinus issues are gone, and the faucet has been turned off.  I can breath again.  I still have that darn mucousy chest, but it's very loose.  When I smoked, it really used to settle there.  Coughing was actually painful; every cough was like a knife shooting through my chest...but that was in my smoking days. 

I've really been busy today.  Did my food shopping this morning and am now cooking my meals.  For those who don't know,  I cook for two weeks at a time.  Not only did I dislike coming home every night and cooking a meal, but let's face it, I've grown to 'hate' cooking....this from someone who once did catering...who once used to cook a full course Chinese meal...or make my own noodles.  Those days are gone.  I just seem to have cooked myself out.  Oh, I do love cooking for a party, but that happens so infrequently nowadays...not that I mind.  I cherish my free time. 

So, since I was talking about food today, I wanted to share a little something I found.  How about that menu?  I had once mentioned that I had grown up in a small town.  There was not much to do,  and we didn't have all the luxuries that today's kids have, but we always found ways to keep ourselves occupied.  I could ride my bike all day...climb tag...spinning  around in a
rainstorm...standing  on my head.  There were no computers in those days...and very little on television so we kids made our own fun...and it was good, healthy fun.  I was always out in the fresh air.  And speaking of fun.  The menu above brings back so many  special memories for me that I thought I would share.  Perhaps some of you have some fond memories of that wonderful store. 

One of my special treats in the  1950's was a trip to the Wooworth Store.  I have such fond memories of that store.  I remember I used to wait all week, and then my mom would take me there.  We rarely bought anything, but just had fun as we inspected every aisle of the store.  Quality time with my mom was a rarity since she always worked, and I was one of your original latch key kids.  After we had seen all there was to see, and oh'd and ah'd over merchandise we would like to have,  we would go have our lunch--grilled hot dog on a buttered grilled bun, crinkle cut fries, and a chocolate shake in a big soda found glass with a dollop of whipped cream on top.  Yes, lunch at the counter was a real treat, and one of my fondest memories of days gone by.  How many of you can remember the Woolworth's lunch counter?


  1. I loved Woolworth's too and it was a special treat to eat at the lunch counter. Woolworth's was downtown on the main street of the city nearest the town where I grew up. When I was an adolescent, Woolworth's became Woolco and moved to a mall on the city outskirts. We still shopped there, but it wasn't the same. Then about 10-12 years ago, Walmart bought out the Woolco chain and moved its stores in.

  2. We do not have anything like it out here. This whole thing reminds me of old movie scenes. I am glad you are feeling better. Rosemary tea will help your sinuses clear out completely.
    Brightest blessings

  3. So glad you're feeling better, darlin! When I was growing up there was still 1 Woolworth's around here and it's the only one that I knew of. Instead of a lunch counter they had a small dining area. They closed years ago now. I don't really have a whole lot of memories of it, but I remember my parents telling me about their memories of hanging out there while they were growing up. It's funny, I wonder what really happened to the chain?

  4. ahaha Nevermind, I should have read the other comments before I posted, Debra already told us what happened to it. Figures. Frickin Wal-Mart! (Sorry for the double post.)

  5. glad to hear you are feeling better... it is always a bad thing when you are sick and not feeling your complete self. I love the menu.. and yes it brings back memories... we had an old drugstore in our small town and I loved going there each day after school and having my cherry coke... sitting on on the big stool in front of that huge counter and sundrae behind....

  6. Your comments and the menu brought back fond memories - thank you! Woolworth's was my circle's store of choice for "window shopping" and we saved our pennies (from collected soda bottles) for a treat at the lunch counter.

  7. Wow - those prices!

    What I do remember fondly is moving to the small town where I lived for 25 years. There was a cafe (still there) called "Arnold's" and I used to go there with friends and get a huge plate of fries for $1.00 and a cup of gravy (a Canadian thing) for dipping, for 25cents. $1.25 to feed 3 friends was really great!