Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Element of Fire

 (Elementals are spirits that have only one element to their nature--usually air, fire, water, or earth.  They are nature spirits who interact with the natural world, but have their existence in the ethereal realm.)

Where would we be without fire?  It represents passion, enthusiasm, desire, courage, and initiative.  It is both light and heat.  Perhaps the greatest source of Fire is our Sun which provides all living things on Earth with warmth and light.  If our Sun were to disappear, life as we know it would be impossible. 

To feel the manifestations of its power, go out on a sunny, Summer day and feel its warmth. 

Or think for a moment of Summer.  The Sun is high and hot...the crops are ripening.  Take a moment to sit in silence.  Let your mind become very still.  See the light that shines in your heart.  Breathe deeply and see the flame.  Use your breath to draw the energy of the Earth and the energy of the Heavens into the flame and watch as it flares brighter.  See it burn like a small, brilliant Sun...and think of a question you have been searching for an answer to.  As your question and let it burn in a flame of golden lights.  Watch as the smoke is carried to the Goddess...and wait on your answer.

Fire is associated with the South.  It is noon, when the Sun is at its Zenith in the sky.  It's season is Summer, that time when the Sun is with us for long days.  It is young adulthood, the time of life when we expend energy in training or making a career for ourselves.  

Fire can be both creative and destructive.  It is a very fast acting and consuming element.  It can take as well as give life.  Fire can also stand for unbridled emotions, rage, hatred.  An excess of fire energy can make one feel jittery, anxious, stressed.  Colors associated with fire are red, yellow, crimson, gold and orange.  

The Fire Elementals are called Salamanders.  It is difficult to describe them.  The be way is to to watch a fire of logs, the leaping flickering flames of red, orange, yellow; note how frequently a strange face or form leaps from the fire itself.  That is an approximate likeness of a Salamander.  They will help you to overcome obstacles and like people who have the courage to act on their truth.  They enjoy playing in flames and will come to you when you light candles or fires.  

Watch a candle as it burns. Notice how a combination of liquid, solid, and gas come together to make fire...another of the mysteries of our world.  Next, find and put on some music that has a strong drum beat and let your body start to move with the rhythm and flow. Let yourself dance freely.  Sing along if you can...use a rattle if you have one.  Keep dancing for as long as you have the energy..tune into your body...feel your heart pounding against your chest...feel the energy throbbing in your legs and arms...feel how warm you are...feel your energy flowing...everything seems to be speeded up.  Do some light exercise as you slow down and drink lots of water.

The different types of Fire Magic are 'Banishing Ritual' which involves burning something such as an herb or a flower...or a piece of paper or petition on which you have written your desire.  Candle Magic is another simple and easy method for bring about your desires.  The color for the candle is chosen in relation to your desire; the candle can be lit for sometimes up to 7 days.  

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  1. Fire is such a cleansing element too, I find. It 'burns' away those things you don't need to carry with you in your life.

    It always brightens my spirits to sit around a fire pit!