Monday, January 18, 2010


The element of Water symbolizes the emotions, feelings, love, and sorrow.  It is feminine, the great Mother who flows through all.  We grow in water while we are in the womb, and after we are born, our bodies are made up of 70 percent water.  We need water to live.  Our tears are the salty memories of  the origins of our lives evolving from the Ocean.  Water purifies, cleanses, and cools as it generates and nurtures all life.  Water is central to the mystery of how life first came to be. 

Take a few moments to picture in your mind some of the moods of water.  For me, it is the Ocean...the waves crashing upon the rocks.  Or perhaps you might picture the gentle rippling on the surface of a pond when disturbed by a stone.  Let the images flow...take a moment to note how they make you feel.  Some may fill you with awe; others may lull you into a doze..and still others may stun you with their great beauty. 

Water flows in the riverbeds and falls from the skies.  Water is the element that is generally associated with the West in the circle.  It is the place where the Sun sets, so it is a place associated with rest.  It is associated with dusk, twilight...that time between work and sleep.  Its season is Autumn.  The heart is another association of Water.  It pumps the blood through our arteries and collects it from our veins...which, in turn, collect water from the tissues and the lymph. 

When it gets dark, fill your bathtub with warm water and scent it with roses, jasmine, or another of your favorite scents.  Sink ito the water.  Make sure you have the lights turned off.  Let the water surround you as much as possible.  Remain still and feel it ripple over you you in response to the movements of your breathing.  Feel the Mother's loving arms enveloping you.  Ask the Her to let you feel Her love...and be open to receive it.  Imagine that you are in Her womb...the dark, peaceful nourishment of Her cauldron where life begins. 

The elementals of Water are the Undines.  These are translucent little beings rather than the mermaids who swim through the waves.  They are sentimental and romantic and love people who are in touch with their emotions.  Tears, love poetry, and songs as well as scented oils or perfumes are wonderful gifts for these beings. 

At time when the Moon is waxing or full go to an ocean beach if possible...or, if not, to a lake or a river.  Do this around sunset.  Take your shoes off and put your feet into the water.  Think about someone you love and may have had an argument with.  Take a few moments to review the spat...really feeling your anger and your frustration.  Then, allow this anger and frustration to flow out of your feet...use your breath to help it flow out.  And think about your loved one, and all of their good points and how much they have done for you.  Focus on your heart while breath...and let it open.  Feel the energy of the Water as it flows up into your being.  Feel  your heart and feel it pumping the loving energy of the Water through you.  Allow the Moonlight to flow into your being and speak to the energies of the Water flowing through you.  Pull the Moonlight into your being.  Try to understand your loved ones point of view...not necessarily accepting it, but allowing them to have their own view.  Allow a new level of love and understanding to flow through you.


  1. The sacred water form that has come to my mind so strongly now while reading your post is: sweat. The sweat that bathes you in the utter darkness of the sweat lodge, the womb of the Great Mother.

  2. A lovely entry...

    And I so love that picture...

  3. I felt such a profound connection to Water when I was in Mexico wading along the shore. I stood there for ages with my toes in the sand and feeling the push and pull of the waves, like a heartbeat. Such a powerful feeling!

  4. I'm finally visiting this blog and it's beautiful too! Thanks for all your comments on much appreciated. I'll be back to read more again.

  5. You found me and now I've found you-- but what a great choice of blogs you have presented to the world! I've chosen this one to add to my blogroll because of the water theme- my personal element. You've delighted me today first by visiting my blog and second by writing such a wonderful post.
    It's such a joy to be meeting so many new (and wonderful) friends! xx
    Blessings Abound!

  6. as usual a wonderful post... Mary you are such a sweet blessing. Thank you for sharing your abundance with us...