Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almost There

Good afternoon.  I'm kind of late today.  This is my busy Saturday.  I did my food shopping for two weeks this morning, and now I am cooking everything.  I do this every other week...cook for two weeks and freeze.  No 'super woman' reasons here.  Truth is, I 'hate' to cook so why not get it all over with in one day!  Then, before I go to work, I put the food into the refrigerator to thaw, and by the time I come home, all I have to do is fix the plates.  I wasn't always this way.  Time was that I LOVED cooking so much that I used to make my own noodles.  Every night dinner was from a different country...and full course meals.  Don't know when things changed.

So, by 1997 I had left my job.  I took a month off to recuperate emotionally and then found a job working in a halfway house for recovering alcoholics.  I also started taking the courses I needed to certify in the State of New York.  I was still deeply involved with Native Americanism when I got my first computer. It was 2000 by then.  (At least I didn't have to worry about Y2K.)   My hubby's sister worked for the Board of Ed, and they were about to toss it out, so she gave it to me.  Man, talk about stone age' when I turned that thing on you would swear some car was revving up its engine.  Was slow as molasses, but it was a computer, and it was mine.

It was then that I discovered MSN had groups, and I joined many of them.  For a loner, like me, this was heaven.  Not only did I have people to chat with, but also I had people I could learn from.  I was learning so much about Wicca and Magic.  I was thrilled, but then, sadly, the computer went.  We had no money at the time for a new one, so it was back to the bookstore and taking courses wherever I could find them.  We have a wonderful bookstore here in the city--East West Books--and they are always have free seminars.  About a year later, hubby's sister got a new computer, and I inherited her old one.  It was slow, but it worked, and I was back in business.   And then, I discovered Yahoo...and even more groups...and I found Yahoo easier to deal with.  By then, I had totally forgotten my MSN log-in and was being given a hard time getting a new one.  (Don't forget.  I was totally computer illiterate at the time.) 

So, I discovered Yahoo groups...and ... Granny Moon.  Don't know if any of you know about Granny Moon, but she offers and awesome Goddess Course along with several others.  Two years later the halfway house closed, and I moved on to working with parolees who are mandated to treatment.  By now, I had all my training hours for certification, but still needed several thousand work hours.   By 2005, I was still working through the Goddess course and participating in several Yahoo groups.  I tried to look for groups that offered something in the way of education.  On Christmas, 2005, hubby surprised me with a brand new computer.  I was beside myself, it was so fast.  I now found Magicka School and enrolled in a couple courses, but just couldn't get into them.

In late 2006, something happened that totally changed my life.  I saw an ad for that they were offering it free for two weeks.   What the heck, I decided.  Let me take a look.  And lo and behold, I found my father and his twin when they were 6 years with their grandma.  I had a flashback then of my childhood.  See, my mom would never let me be around my dad's family because they liked to drink, so I never got to know any of them.  And I remembered one night my mom and dad had been arguing, and I heard her say, "Your poor grandmother had to raise you because she didn't want you." and I realized then that I had found my great grandma.  Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened next.  I ended up joining Ancestry...and so many doors opened up to me.  Not only have I been able to trace my Ancestry back thousands of years, but through placing messages on Ancestry, I have also been contacted by relatives all over the world.  And, before long, I would find the path I had always been meant to follow.

To be continued....


  1. First of all I love the pic you have up there, I have that deck of cards myself.

    I used to belong to Granny Moon's yahoo group as well. One thing I do regret not working is that I do not get to take a lot of the great courses out there. I used some of my income tax the last year I was working and enrolled in Witch School, which I love, but some of the courses are really formal and stiff, and I can not get into them either, and some other free "schools" out there are so pretentious and more interested in their "Lord and Lady" titles they give themselves that there really is not much to learn there.

    I belong to or have belonged to sooo many yahoo groups dealing with the craft and spirituality and so on, but it seems so many of them stop teaching and just become a place for email chat, which is all good and fine, but when I want to learn I want to learn, not read about how you repainted your living room, you know? Time and place for everything....

    I am loving this continuing life story!

  2. Ah, you reminded me. I had a brief stint in Witch School. What I am finding with the Yahoo Groups now is that there are a certain few who have banded together and have started so many groups that are impossible to keep up with...and what they do is join a lot of groups to not only drum up membership in their groups, but I have also seen that if someone posts something interesting, it turns up on all their groups. All they do is forward info. Sadly, even Granny Moon's groups have gotten so quiet now.

  3. how interesting... I attempted to trace my lineage back.. .on my fathers side it is scotch irish yet can not verify because of loss of recorods and my mothers is full german... is quite interesting and fulfilling..

  4. Genealogy can be so exciting! How lucky that you stumbled upon!

  5. I love genealogy, it's so fascinating, and puts such a personal touch on history. The amazement at stepping back, and back, and back, and realizing... "These are my people, these are my ancestors, stretched in a line leading backwards, before me." It's beautiful.

  6. Mary, you are so insperational! I love hearing your story, it's just so facinating and insipiring! Much like your revelations posts. I would love to join one of these days. Apparently we are related to a (famous) french fur-trader, and a wealthy family in Ireland??? No idea, just what I hear from my family occasionally.

  7. Wasn't our first being exposed to the Net, wonderful?!? My family got me one a lot of years ago and...... I found others interested in what I was interested in. Wow! :-)

    Oh and.... :-)

    'Gals With Grandmother Faces'

    Aunt Amelia