Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

Another cold day here in the city...and no heat this morning at my office.  Oh, boy, did I come close to turning around and going back home because it was far too cold to work.  But, the maintenance man came around with space heaters, so there went that excuse.  But, let's face it.  I didn't want to come to work even before I got here.  It's always difficult going back after a long holiday weekend.  It started last night.  I just got so used to hanging out in my flannels...and all those wonderful marathons on television...that I just wanted the good times to continue.  It doesn't take much for me to get in a rut.

Yesterday, I created a new blog "Dreams, A Pathway to Your Soul"
 I have been thinking about it for awhile, I know I mentioned it.  I was planning to start it at the beginning of the New Year so there it is.  I know, I many blogs.  How will I find time to keep up with them?

Good question.  Well, I also did a little housekeeping.  I deleted my astrology blog.  Too much like work to be fun.  I also plan to cut down postings on my Faerie  Blog....just not necessary every day.  I'd thought about combining "Celtic Dreamscapes" and "Avalon Revisited" since they are so similar but I like each blog setup too much and decided against it. And as materials will eventually run out, I will most likely post two to three times a week on each.   So, "Moontides" will not undergo any major changes except for maybe more Native American and "An Inner Journey" will in due time incorporated some inner child/shadow work.

Now, I'd like everyone's opinion of the page setup for my new blog.  I chose the background for it's nonsensical, dreamlike aura....I mean pink dogs and bunny rabbits with top hats can only happen in a dream.  I'd like to know what you think.  Thanks. 



  1. Sorry about the cold. Especially on the first morning back, after a break. Ugh......

  2. You mean that pink dog and bunny rabbit with the top hat that I saw walking across the street WASN'T REAL??!!

  3. goodness another blog.... will have to check it out... love the picture up top.... and yes I agree.... the cold can go... go far far away...

  4. I like the layout - very dreamlike!

    I know what you mean about getting back to work after the holidays. I really should have gone in today, but I let a snow-storm disuade me. The only problem with working your on own schedule is that I can make excuses for not going into the office too easily!

  5. Yes, I like the background for this new blog - very appropriate.... but then I use it for one my blogs too so I may be a bit opinionated. Nice start to it. I had a dream last night that was very confusing, chaotic and I didn't like at all.