Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Element of Earth

The element of Earth is the physical realm.  It represents our Mother, the planet Earth itself.  We are born of Her, we are composed of Her, we live on Her, and when we die, we return to Her.  It is the densest, the most compact of all of the elements.  It represents body and solidness...all things that you can see and hold.  It is the mountains, the caves, the ground upon which we walk. 

Imagine that you are in a forest.  See the trees around you, smell the dry leaves o the forst floor.  Notice how the sunlight filters through the branches of the trees.  Now, imagine that you come upon a fallen tree.  A small seedling has erupted in the fallen log.  Sit for a moment on the tree and let the energy in your body grow like the roots of the seedling into the log...let your roots seek out moisture and nourishment.  As you pull those wondrous nutrients up into your being, feel them as they travel up into your arms..into your head.  Now, look up to the sun and feel its warmth.  Feel the wind around you.

Earth as an element is traditionally placed in the North of the circle.  Its Moon phase is the Fourth Quarter and its favored time is midnight.  Because its feeling is dry and cold, it represents winter, old age...when our bodies are no longer fertile, but our dreams remain.  Our connection to the Earth is what gives us heal and stability; thuse, the Earth element rules over the healing of our physical bodies.  It is the element of the plants...and therefore, of the healing herbs.  Colors for the Earth are brown, black, green, and white. 

The Earth Elementals are called Gnomes.  They come in many sizes; these are the elementals we can contact and communicate with the easiest for they are the densist of all the elementals.  Thy like to live within the earth, not caring much for the sunlight.  They appreciate coins and stones as gifts...as well as any work you do to heal the Earth. 

Earth magic can involve the use of herbs and plants.  Also icluded are crystal and stone magic, the planting of seeds, or burying something.  The planting of trees is a form of earth magic. 

Find a warm place and lie on the Earth.  Breathe and feel yourself connecting with her deep roots like a majestic old tree.  Thank Her for all of Her gifts..Her blessings.  Take notice of how much you are a part of Her...and She a part of you.  Let Her take whatever is no longer useful to you...let go of your old pain, wounds...allow the Earth to heal you.


  1. "it represents winter, old age...when our bodies are no longer fertile, but our dreams remain"

    I like the sound of that...

    "The Earth Elementals are called Gnomes."

    Did I miss an explanation of 'Elementals'? I should probably read all the past entries, on this theme....

  2. Actually no, I hadn't posted on them, but you have given me an idea. I posted them on the Fairy blog but not all read that. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. I'm an Earth sign, so I'm very fond of that Element. I'd rather be lying on the Earth than swimming in the ocean!

  4. Such thoughtful, interesting (and important) sharing. Thank you once again.