Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr.

You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.
--Indira Gandhi--

Today, on Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, it is  important for us all to take a few moments to acknowledge the incredible contributions this  man made and to incorporate his example into our daily lives by embracing a non-violent approach to changing this world into a more peaceful and better place to live for our children and for the generations to come.  May peace one day prevail. 

Peace is not something you fight for
With bombs and missiles that kill,
Nor can it be won in a "battle of words"
One fashions by scheming and skill
For those who are greedy and warlike,
Whose avarice for power cannot cease,
Can never contribute in helping
To bring this world nearer to peace
For in seeking peace for all people
There is only one place to begin
And that is in each home and heart--
For the fortress of peace is within!

--Helen Steiner Rice--


  1. This Divine Human Being has always been my biggest Hero and I love him so very much...
    His Dream and Vision lives on in the hearts of many and I stand in awe of his contribution while living amongst us.

    Thank You Sister Friend!