Friday, October 16, 2015

When autumn shadows throw their patterns across the land, they are
not the images of fragile, dying leaves, not the bared arms of lofty elms,
not shadows of a fading summer; but swinging shapes as of books
upon a strap, of round and square boxes held under an arm,
of hurrying little people heading towards the nearest school.

Djuna Barnes

Good morning everyone.  Looks to be a little cool, but a nice day. Some light rain is in the area, but it is not hitting us in the city. That's good. I slept a little late this morning and could have slept later, but I have a morning class to day. Why is it that on the days I can sleep late if I chose, I wake up early...and days like this where I have to be out in the morning, I have to drag myself out of bed.

Had a busy week.  I was running about every day but Monday.  I'm loving my Mindfulness class on Thursdays. Our instructor isa psychoanalyst who teaches mindfulness practices.  She bases her practice on the teachings of John Kabat-Zin.  My book finally arrived yesterday so this weekend I have some catch up reading to do.  I find it's the first time I've ever been able to close off my thoughts for even a few minutes.  And no matter how badly I may feel when class begins, I always leave there feeling so much better.

Speaking of school, I have never been surrounded by so much unhealthy food. When I go to the cafeteria, I am surrounded by all kinds of unhealthy stuff--greasy pizza, burgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, cakes amongst other things-- and find only one small refrigerator for salads and other healthy stuff. And if that is not enough, on every floor in every building are vending machines stocked with chips, candy, cookies, and soda. Good thing I am in Weight Watchers and have a strong willpower.

Yesterday, while waiting for the bus, two students sat next to me eating huge plates of french fries served just the way I like them....saturated in catsup. I wanted them so bad. So bad that I smelled them all the way home....on two different buses. As far as the knish goes, I haven't given up on that. I realized going home yesterday that I don't have to get off the bus to buy one. They most likely sell them in the cafeteria in the kosher section.

Before closing I'd like to ask for prayers for my goddaughter and her son, Jayden, who was born yesterday by Ceasarian. Not quite 12 pounds, he weighed in at a little over 10 pounds and is currently in NIC due to problems breathing and low blood sugar. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a good one.


  1. They will be in my thoughts and prayers for sure.

    Congratulations on your incredible will power. I have been cursing the box of girl scout cookies on the counter in the kitchen for the last couple of days. :)

  2. No wonder when students first go to college/university, they gain "the freshman 15" -- pounds, that is!

    I hope mother and baby are soon doing well.

  3. Yes. I will keep your goddaughter and her son in my thoughts.

    Yep. I remember gaining quite a bit of weight during my freshman year of college. It's easy to do. Especially when one is stressed over a new school, and tests and papers to write. I'm glad for you that you have the willpower to resist! :). Good for you!

  4. I hope that mother and baby are doing better every day.
    French fries and sauce? Not for me. Simple, and mostly unadorned. Salt, and perhaps a little vinegar.

  5. Keeping mother and baby in my thoughts. Hope they are better soon.