Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Just a Little Bit of Nothing Important

The greatest gift you can give another
is the purity of your attention.

Richard Moss

Morning all.  Well, after the story week we had, the sun has been shining brightly.  The temps have warmed up to the comfortable 70's, and it is quite enjoyable to be outdoors.   Today I am off to Spanish class, but that is the only class I have so I am hoping to catch some of the nice weather.  If I get there early enough I hope to take a walk over to the lily pond that is on campus.  I haven't seen it yet.

I've been battling a cold since Friday.  It's pretty much left me, but it is still at that tickle stage that keeps one up at night, so I am still feeling a bit out of it. I was in a boring class about Hitler and Stalin.  Well, the subject matter wasn't boring, the teacher was, and all I wanted to do is sleep.  Well, the bus was late, so I was a few minutes late,  and the only seat left is right in front of the teacher. That will teach me to leave earlier.

Got some good news when I got home. Had a call from the nurse while I was in class, and I didn't know how we were going to arrange her monthly visit now that I am in school five days a week. Well, she answered that for me before I even had a chance to speak. They've decided that I am doing so well and taking care of myself so well that I don't need my monthly visits any more. Hooray for that one.

 Been a long time since I've been scolded in class, and yesterday, well, it happened. Our topic for the day was protein...its function in the body, how much is needed, etc. Well, at one point everyone began talking at once, so I turned to my peer and mentioned to her that at one time I was having a problem staying full, I was always hungry, so I spoke to the leader and she suggested I might not be getting enough protein in my diet. Well, she is a Weight Watcher, too, and I admit, we both got a bit carried away with our conversation and totally that we were in the middle of class. The next thing I know the teacher is addressing us, "Would you like to share with the class?", and everyone is looking at us. So I shared. What else could I do? 

Have a happy Hump Day everyone.  


  1. That's a lovely autumn goddess statue! Yes, protein is great for snacks. Some almonds, a piece of cheese, some Greek yogurt -- great for mid-meal snacking.

  2. Listening, really listening without letting our minds wander, is surprisingly difficult.
    I hope you do get to the lily pond - and that your cold leaves.