Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Morning This and That

 We cannot separate our lives from time.  Why is it that we are so extravagant, so thoughtless, in our waste of time, especially in youth, when we cling so tenaciously to life?  You cannot separate a wasted hour from the same duration of your life.  If you waste your time, you must waste your life.  If you improve your time, you cannot help improving your life.
Orison Swett Marden

Morning all. It's Monday and time to 'rise and shine'. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I did. It was a busy one, for sure, but I got a lot done so I enter this week with a feeling of accomplishment. On Saturday I cooked three meals,  I cleaned, I practiced my Tai Chi, practiced my Spanish, cleaned all my fall and winter out of the closet and packed away the rest of my summer.  Then I read the short story I was assigned to read for today and did my best to get into 'Villette'. Just can't seem to do it.  I keep hoping it gets better, but it doesn't so if any of my homework can be considered a chore, that's it. So instead I read some spooky Halloween tales from a free book I have on my Kindle and had an enjoyable evening. 

Sunday I headed out to church and after a quick stop at the market, headed on home for a day of rest and relaxation. Of course, we women never can totally relax so, of course, I found things to do, but it was nothing like the business of Saturday.

Sure has gotten cold out.  They say it is going to warm up some by the end of the week, but boy oh boy, yesterday I was sure wishing I'd gotten my winter jacket out. 

Here are two photos of my grand nephew the day after he was born.  Isn't he huge?  Fortunately he is now out of NIC and with his mom in her room.  She is quite sore but doing well and on the mend. 

I sit back now and think of the day so long ago that my goddaughter's dad carried her into my house, in nothing more than a diaper and asked me to take care of her because her mom wanted to throw her in the garbage.  The family originally wanted me to raise her, but then turned against me when I agreed.  That's how they were.  There was nothing I could ever do to satisfy them.  They would have been mad if I had said 'no', and when I said 'yes', they got mad at me for trying to take my sister-in-law's daughter away.  I could never win with them.  I wonder had I been able to raise her as my own with lots of love what her life would have been like.  I doubt she would have made so many poor choices in men in her desperate search for love.

The past cannot be changed, so all we can do now is work on a better future.  She knows that I love her, and that I will always be there for her, and I really think she appreciates it.  

Have a great day.


  1. He looks like he's got a good set of lungs on him! A baby opera singer!

  2. Oh my god. He is huge!! I'm so glad all is well. :)

  3. Oh my! He is huge!! Congratulations! I can't believe your family was so negative while you were so nice to them!!

  4. Knowing that you love her, and will always love her (whatever choices she makes) is a huge gift to your goddaughter.
    And yes, that is a very big baby.