Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Photos

Nature is another important aspect of
nourishing the soul. After a hike in the
mountains where we live, for instance, I
feel a remarkable sense of gratitude
and awe. My mind quiets down
and allows me to see more clearly
the beauty of creation. And through
that gratitude, the beauty of the
universe is reflected back to
the creator.

Joan Borysenko

Yesterday I left the house early so I could have an opportunity to spend some time at the lily pond on the college campus.  It was a totally amazing experience.  I'd felt so miserable from not sleeping, and when I left the pond to go to class, I felt like a new person.  Will definitely visit again.

Notice the fishies in the water and the turtles on the rocks craning their necks to savor a bit of the sun.

Another turtle is swimming with the fishies.

Have a good one.


  1. What a lovely place. I can see how it would be refreshing.

  2. Nature is a great way to restore our souls.....
    I love coming down here to the country near Waco, Texas. I guess that makes us still in Central Texas but it is a world away from the city and town!
    I think you are wise to find pockets of nature to restore your soul......

  3. Water is always a benison. And water with fishes and turtles? Bonus.

  4. Oh it's such a wonderful day when you find a beautiful spot in the city. I'm glad you have these tranquil places to go when you need peace.