Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Ramble

Hope and new beginnings are fresh every morning.  It is not necessary to wait for a circumstance to bring hope.  Hope, real hope, comes when we lay down our own ideas and plans. . . . our mind, will, and emotions. . .before God as a hand of cards dealt and say to him, “How would YOU play them?”

Laura Lewis Lanier

Good morning everyone. Looks like we are in for another nice day. Although I don't head out to school until later, this is one of my long days, but dinner is all cooked and ready to go so I'm quite prepared. For tonight I made a nice pot of chili so I am quite looking forward to it. Hoping Ralph can pick up a nice avocado for us today. I love to cut it up and put it in my chili. So yummy.

Stopped at my favorite fruit store yesterday before going home. I can't believe how expensive fruit is this year. I hate to give it up because it has helped me lose weight and stay healthy, but I can't let it break me either. I bought a bag of clementines, a box of strawberries, and my favorite oatmeal which barely cost $ 3, and my bill was $ 14. Can't afford to live in New York anymore. 

Question for you all. I have had Yahoo email forever and have never had a problem with it on my phone or tablet, both Samsung. Now when I try to retrieve my emails from either tab or phone, I get a box that says "Sign in failed. Server password has changed. Enter new password." First of all, I never had to sign in. Mail automatically appeared. Problem is, I didn't change my password. Won't accept the password that works with my Yahoo on the computer. My tablet says it cannot connect with Google when I try to sign in.  Anyone else ever have this problem? Any advice? 

Ralph went again yesterday for his 'living will' and has to go back in November. The paralegal came in late and then took so long with him, the lawyer had to leave. We don't have much but he doesn't want his family to jump in and take the car or get hold of the safe deposit box. I hate to think of things like this but I know it has to be done. When my mother in law passed they were such scavengers taking anything not nailed down. Of course, it's different now. The lease is in my name so basically everything in this apartment is 'mine' but he doesn't want them to have any opportunity to stress me out.

I worry so about him that he is just not telling me everything. I hear him up at night using his pump but when I question him on health issues, he usually just goes silent. And then I tell myself that the doctor hasn't ordered oxygen for him yet so that is a good sign. 

And with that I bid you a wonderful day.


  1. Sorry, Mary, I have no advice about your computer issues. That sure must be maddening!

  2. Hey Mary, I know you like colouring books . . . check out the blog "Rue and Hyssop" today. She's having a great giveaway of some spiritually themed colouring books. Here's the link:

    Good luck!

  3. Sorry, I cannot help on the 'puter issues.
    How I wish my partner would make a will. But he refuses.
    Have a lovely day - and I hope your chilli and avo is/was wonderful.

  4. Big hug, Mary. Those issues with wills are no fun. They're necessary, but i wish they were not. My family has a couple people like that, though not immediate family, thank goodness. It's as if they're lying in wait. I'll never understand them...