Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Roundup

Autumn. . . makes a double demand. It asks that we prepare
for the future--that we be wise in the ways of garnering and keeping.
But it also asks that we learn to let go--to acknowledge
the beauty of sparseness.

Bonaro W. Overstreet

Good morning, everyone.  We've been having some pretty summer like weather, but it looks as if the temps will be on their way back down again. Only going to reach the 50's today.  Just don't know how to dress in this crazy up and down weather.  No wonder people are catching colds.  So much sniffling on the bus.  Not looking for another cold. 

Still trying to sort out my email issues, but I discovered that Gmail is just as good as Yahoo.  And the only reason I needed Yahoo is because I take a few online courses which are sent via email and placed in Yahoo folders.  Funny thing about this whole thing is I am not able to get or send email, but I can open my folders.  Problem is that all I can see is the old stuff.  Anything placed in a folder after 10/12 is not there.  

You know, since I retired I sometimes rue that I wasted so many years in substance abuse counseling when I could have been a nutritionist instead.  Then, the other day I receive the following on my FB messenger:

 Good to see your okay! Thank you so much for your support and help when you were my counselor at Greenwich house in NYC 2004/ by the grace of God I didn't go back to prison and have become a law abiding citizen.I will always be grateful you were my counselor! God Bless you miss mary!

Brought tears to my eyes and made me realize it was all worth it.  Everything was as it was meant to be.  

Well, I stayed the same at Weight Watchers this week.  At least I didn't gain, but it sure has been hard trying to reach that illusive 50 pound loss.  Been playing around with 39 and 40 for months now.  Not giving up, though.  One day I'll get it.  Have to have faith.

Remember how when you were in school there was always one student the teacher signaled out not so much to chide for bad behavior, but to assist when she is trying to provide the class with an example. Well, I am that person in Spanish class. She has taken a liking to me, and every time she wants to put on a little skit in Spanish, I am called to the front of the class to take part in it. If she only knew how much I have always disliked talking in front of the class. I may have come a long way, but that shy little girl is still very much a part of my life.

Have a good one.


  1. Hi Mary! :) I hope you can get your e-mail straightened out! Mine acts up on me too. My doctor likes to send my results that way instead of in letters like she used to do. Sometimes the ok'd fashioned way is just easier!

    How wonderful to receive a note like that from an ex client. A great feeling for sure. You have a good weekend, Mary! Big hug!

  2. What a wonderful message to receive. A gift - as it seems you were to him/her.
    I too am having email issues. Some mail is delayed (by up to a fortnight) and other messages down load each and every time I open my email. Sigh. A first world problem but irritating just the same.
    I think those of us who had shy little girls keep them forever. Sometimes in disguise, but they don't leave.