Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Roundup

One is content if one can find
happiness in simple pleasures.

Thomas Malloy

Morning everyone, and a happy Friday to all.   It's going to be a wet and raw day out there. Actually it looks to be our weather for our next few days.  Fortunately, it looks now like the hurricane is going to miss us.  I have a day off from Tai Chi. We to three weeks, then one day off. Have to begin practicing at home or I will forget. This morning I have to make a run to Pathmark for my medication, then I am heading back home for a day of rest. Have a couple of letters to write and tomorrow is my big monthly shopping so I'm going to spend some time planning so less costly meals. Food is getting too high and they cut us another $5 from our food stamps.  Don't know why I spent 50 years working.  It seems that people who never worked, nor wanted to, a day in their life get the full amount of food stamps, and those of us who spent so many years paying the taxes that supported them get shafted when our turn rolls around.

Yesterday was the busiest day I have had in a long time.  Went to 3 stores, my Weight Watchers meeting, and then onto school for two classes.  In all I was on six buses yesterday.  Came home so drained I and never even made it to bed.  Sat on the sofa to relax a moment and before I knew it, it was 35 minutes later.  Ralph went out and got my favorite take out--rotisserie chicken and yucca with red onions.  

By the way, yucca is good for arthritis, and since one can't eat enough to see benefits, (every day) they make it in pill form which I have begun taking again.  I remember when Ralph's mom was still alive.  She was in her 80's with very bad arthritic knees, and after she started taking it, she swore by it.  I'd stopped taking it for awhile since there wasn't a Vitamin Shoppe nearby and I was too lazy to travel, but Ralph surprised me the other day with a huge bottle.  Krill oil is also good for inflammation.

Well, that's about it this morning.  Gonna go have my oatmeal and a shower.  Oh, by the way, lost .2 pounds yesterday.  Feeling good that I am once again on that downward spiral.

Have a fantastic weekend no matter what the weather may be. 


  1. Oh, how sweet is Ralph? :) Food is very very expensive here too. We are trying to figure out how to reduce the bill, so we are big on leftovers. Meat is over the moon expensive, but I cannot be vegetarian as my digestive system can't take all the veggies, so I am making meals that can be enjoyed twice. I can't believe they are cutting your food stamps. I know what you mean about those who take advantage and cheat the system. Have seen a lot of that. Thanks for the tip about yucca. I am going to see if I can find it.

  2. I hope you can get some rest. Zoning out on the chair says that you have been running on empty.