Friday, April 12, 2013


People are afraid when dark clouds gather and thunder clashes.
But clouds and thunder are nothing; they are only the sources
of rain for the hot and parched earth. Do not be afraid of clouds;
do not be afraid of difficulties. Keep moving straight ahead.
Give your hand to God, and he will keep you
in the light twenty-four hours a day.

Baba Virsa Singh 

All I can say is, "TGIF".   This has been a hell of a week, to be sure.  On Monday I had my appointment with my Endo, and that went fairly well.  I left there feeling a sense of relief.  Although I was told I still needed the thyroid biopsy, my blood pressure was down and my TSH level was normal.  Everything seemed to be going in the right direction. But then, yesterday I had the appointment with the specialist and that....

.... did not go quite as I had expected.  I guess you could say I was lulled into feeling that everything was going to be all right, that I'd walk away from the appointment with an air of relief, that I was going to be told that everything was fine, and a biopsy wouldn't be necessary. Then the bottom fell out. According to the specialist, "The nodule is bigger than I was led to believe. I'm afraid we have to do a biopsy."  And, to compound my worries, "If the nodule was located on the surface, it could be done very easily, but the nodule is deep so there is a 40 percent chance of something going wrong." He explained this could either be the induction of an air bubble which could collapse my lung or excessive bleeding, in which case they will admit me into the hospital.  Needless to say, I am not feeling very well at the present time, and this weekend will be spent gathering my thoughts....
 ...that, and cooking.  It's that weekend again, so on Saturday I will be busy for most of the day. I guess that is good because it will keep my mind occupied.  Sometimes thinking can be my worst enemy. And on Sunday, I am seriously going to the church.  I felt so at peace on Easter with our Mother surrounding me.  I am determined not to let this get me down.  Life is a blessing and I don't plan to spend it feeling sorry for myself.

I recently found the following and have adopted it as my mantra. I've printed it out and almost have it committed to memory.  I think it is great for any one of us going through hardship of any kind.

In times of adversity, I remember I am strong enough to meet the challenges
of my life. I am equal to every situation, a match for every difficulty. Sourced
in the power of the Universe, I allow that power to work through me. I meet
calamity with strength. I have stamina. Rather than draw on limited resources,
I draw on the infinite power within me that moves through me to accomplish
its good. I am fueled by all the love, all the strength there is. Loving strength
melts mountains. I am ever partnered and supplied by the universal flow.
Knowing this, I do not doubt my strength. I am strong and secure.

Julia Cameron


  1. Well, let's keep our fingers crossed that all goes well. Are they scheduling the biopsy soon?

  2. Mary, I too will be praying for you. Keep repeating your mantra (it is beautiful.) You are very brave and a wonderful example for all of us.

  3. Lots and lots of gentle hugs.... Please do keep busy and don't let "thinking" get the best of you.

    Worry ahead of time, never did any good. And it can raise one's BP. But it is also so hard to not worrry.

    Gentle hugs,

  4. Oh Nary, I'm so sorry you're going to have to get the biopsy and have fear about it (understandable). The quote is perfect and I know you will have the strength to deal with whatever is coming your way. I hope that the church will bring you great peace and serenity. Sending you lots of blessings.

  5. Mary I'm at loss at what to say to you.
    Just know your blogger friends care about you and our prayers are sent out to you that all will go well and you will mend quickly and this will soon be just a memory.

  6. thinking of you Mary and sending prayers.

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will be your Celtic guardian angel watching over you.

  8. Hello my friend! Please don't stress over this! It is going to what it is with or without you stressing over it. We seem to stress ourselves into so many games of "what if". My doctors, all of them, and I had an agreement, they were NOT to tell me how I was going to feel, I would tell them how I was feeling. I do believe this is why I came through all of it so well and without all of the "side effects" that "everyone" seems to have. Enjoy your weekend cook some healthy, yummy food for you and hubby to enjoy together. I love you my friend!


  9. I hope that cooking and reflecting on your mantra will comfort you while you wait. There are many people who read your posts, and we are sending positive, healing energy your way. My thoughts are with you.


  10. I agree, the best thing is to
    keep yourself busy and you always
    seem to love to cook.

    I use to love it too when my
    family was there. After Jim passed
    and the children moved to their
    own homes it just was not the same.

    We will continue to send
    our positive prayers
    and meditations out into
    the Universe.

    So let us know how the biopsy
    goes and I will pray that it
    is benign and begone.

    Happy Weekend to you
    and your loved ones.

    blessings of love and kindness
    because you need a little
    tenderness right now.


    hugs Sharon

  11. I will concentrate on the 60% chance that everything will work perfectly and they will get in and out in good time with NO trouble! Very good thoughts and energy to you - and a clean bill of health!

  12. My heart goes out to you my friend.