Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let There Be Peace

Monday evening I boiled up some eggs and made the greatest egg salad.  I've never used salt in it, but love mixing some mustard, mayo, and black pepper.  Simple, and with a Pepperidge Farm  sandwich thin, one of my favorites. Was looking forward to lunch yesterday so you can imagine my chagrin when I took the container out and discovered I'd brought a container of corn instead of the egg salad. What can I say?  They're both yellow, were both in the same kind of container, and I was in a rush.  Luckily I had some jelly there at work so I put some on the sandwich thin, and that was lunch.  At least I had something.  It's far too expensive to eat out.

The new blood pressure medication is now also making me cough...and worse than the other one.  At least with the Lisinipril when I was up and about and active, the tickles didn't come, but with this Cozaar I can be walking to the store and the worst tickle comes out of nowhere.  Problem is it is working so well with my blood pressure, so what is one to do?

You should respect each other
and refrain from disputes; you should
not, like water and oil, repel each
other, but should, like milk and
water, mingle together.

The Buddha

Last night I went home after work,  lit a candle, and said a prayer that peace would prevail. With all the recent news from North Korea,  the world has become a more frightening place and one has to wonder what the future will bring.  If this standoff escalates, and I am afraid it will, I fear many innocents will be killed. Will there ever be an end to war? Will peace one day prevail.  I pray that it will. 

 Peace be around thee, wherever thou rov'st;
        May life be for thee one summer's day,
    And all that thou wishest and all that thou lov'st
        Come smiling around thy sunny way!
    If sorrow e'er this calm should break,
        May even thy tears pass off so lightly,
    Like spring-showers, they'll only make
        The smiles, that follow shine more brightly.

    May Time who sheds his blight o'er all
        And daily dooms some joy to death
    O'er thee let years so gently fall,
        They shall not crush one flower beneath.
    As half in shade and half in sun
        This world along its path advances.
    May that side the sun's upon
        Be all that e'er shall meet thy glances!

Thomas Moore

May there be no fighting, and no killing. Let there be peace for all..


  1. hubby always blamed that tickle on his sinus' draining down his throat. Makes me wonder now, cause he was on that same high b/p med.
    Agree that the world is more and more uneasy and indeed it is frightening.
    (((hugs)))to you and your hubby

  2. Mmmm, jelly and corn sandwich, LOL! You should tell your doctor about the bad coughing side effect from the new HBP medicine. There's a gazillion HBP medications out there. You just have to keep experimenting until you find one that works and doesn't have side effects.

  3. I feel the same way about peace
    and I believe more of us should
    pray or meditate and envision
    a world of peace. Peace begins
    inside of you and radiates out
    to your family and friends and
    out into the Universe.

    I read about a study of this
    idea where 200 people in one
    city all prayed or meditated
    at the same time of day for
    300 minutes some read about
    peace, some prayed, and some
    preferred to meditate for this
    time period.

    The results were outstanding.
    It turned out that for that
    period of time on that day
    their was no one killed by
    an act of war and also the
    crime rate for that city
    dropped to zero during that

    I believe the mind is much
    more powerful than we have
    been led to believe.

    I have to tell you this, Mary
    just before I went online
    I was making out a shopping
    list and in my mind I was craving
    egg salad sandwiches.

    Then I came here and you
    mentioned them right at the
    beginning of your blog.

    that made me giggle.

    Peace be with you
    and your family.

    hugs Sharon

  4. New moon!!!!!! Thank you for telling me. I have been waiting for it. :-)

    As to the meds, if you take quiet time, and sit with yourself, and ask yourself, what your body would want you to do........?

  5. It is so good that the new medication is working well. Have you tried warm honey water for the cough?
    Have you researched the alternatives for blood pressure? My husband had a bit of a problem and we bought some garlic supplements and apple cider vinegar supplements and he saw improvement really fast. He was n't going to swallow two Tbs a day of the vinegar or eat 2-3 cloves of raw garlic so he is taking the supplements, but you can also do it naturally.

  6. So, you know the magnesium "buzz" first hand! Oh and we were also recommended omega3 for my husband but we have n't tried that yet. The other two just worked fine!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Mary call your doctor and tell them the cough is getting worse. Don't just "live" with it until your next appointment. It is a wonderful thought to think the world to be at peace with all....

    Wishing you a cough free day!