Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Morning This and That

(Never did share a picture of my Mary Magdalene.  I absolutely love her.)

Easter weekend turned out very nice. The weather was warm and sunny for most of the time, and it sure made one aware that spring was definitely on its way. In fact, when I went to the supermarket on Saturday, I didn't want to come home to cook. It felt so spring-like that it almost seemed that the trees should be beginning to bud, but it is too early for that here.  

Then on Sunday I got up and went to Church. It was a beautiful service.  I cannot begin to describe the beauty of that Church. I did get some pictures which I will share with you tomorrow. I felt strange taking pictures in a church.  Maybe since it has been so long since I attended. It just didn't seem right to me.

(Meet the latest addiction to my Angel collection.  Isn't she gorgeous? It's a little blurry, but that's a little doggy sitting next to her)

My boys came over later for an Easter meal of fresh ham, baked sweet potatoes, string beans, and salad. I'd planned on roasting a chicken, but the fresh ham was so much cheaper.  My grandma always had a leg of lamb for Easter dinner, and I really would love to follow the tradition, but who can afford a leg of lamb in today's economy. I don't know what lamb costs in other parts of the country, but here in the city, it is priced only for the rich.  They don't even sell it where I shop, and the lady at the register told me she bought one in her neighborhood for $70....a bit much to pay for a dinner for four.

(My Easter basket. I'd jokingly said to my youngest that it has been a long time since I had an Easter basket, and he brought me one as a surprise)

Speaking of food, while I was dealing with that incessant tickle in my throat, I found myself becoming  addicted to Halls. I really had no choice, but now that it is letting up, I've been looking for something else. So, last week when I went to my favorite fruit stand, which, by the way, also carries a wide variety of foods and candies from around the world, I bought myself a bag of anise candies that had been made in Italy. I love the taste of licorice and these candies turned out to be so addictive that I almost went through a bag in only a matter of days.  

It was not until they took my blood pressure the other day, and I found that, after a steady decline,  it had gone up to 154 over 75 that a 'light bulb'  went off in my head.  I'd first attributed it to stress, but then I asked myself what I was doing differently, and it hit me...the candies. I also remembered reading somewhere that one had to be careful about eating too much licorice, and these were not just licorice 'flavored' candies; indeed, these candies were made from pure anise, and sadly, as healthy as this herb may be, those of us with high blood pressure have to be careful.  In fact, according to the 'Herbal Resource' as well as  several other sources  'It is recommended that people with high blood pressure should not consume anise as it might exacerbate the condition.'  It just goes to show how very careful we have to be with the foods that we consume.

Well, as much as I'd like to stick around, time has passed quickly this morning, and if I don't start getting ready for work, I will be late, and one thing I pride myself on is my promptness.  I hate being late, always have and always will.  
Good habits are worth
being fanatical about.
John Irving


  1. I love how you have shared your life, with us, in photos!!!!! Love it.

    So glad that the "light bulb came on," about what you were doing "differently," concerning the up in BP. Yes, we have to be constantly vigilant.

    Perhaps it would be better to go back to Halls. :-) I know, I am never without them!!!

    Pretty new blog look here!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a pretty terrific Easter weekend with your boys. I love that he brought you a basket full of goodies! That is just way to cool. I don't blame you one bit for not buying a leg of lamb. I refuse to purchase items that are super expensive for a meal. After all it's not the food that makes the meal, it's the family and friends.
    Wishing you a day of fun and laughter!


  3. A happy Monday to you my friend.
    Your Easter sounded PERFECT! :0)
    I too love licorice/anise in the form of jelly beans,gum drops or another gummy candy, but hardly ever purchase it. Something else we have in common.
    You are living life to it's fullest and that's to be admired. You find sunshine most everywhere and in most everything. (((hugs)))

  4. Amazing about Anise! It would be interesting to see what herbs can lessen blood pressure and then find something pleasing to eat. Lamb is expensive all over so I'm glad you were able to have a feast for yourself and family.

  5. Your collection is lovely!

    I know I need to make some changes again soon for my health, but one of the changes I need to make, I'm having quite a hard time with.