Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday Doctor's Appointments--Good News for One

People can learn to study their life force in the same way that a master gardener studies a rosebush. No gardener ever made a rose. When its needs are met a rosebush will make roses. Gardeners collaborate and provide conditions which favor this outcome. And as anyone who has ever pruned a rosebush knows, life flows through every rosebush in a slightly different way. 

 Rachel Naomi Remen 

My doctor's appointment yesterday went well.  My blood pressure was down to 136 over 86, the lowest it has been in nine months.  The new medication appears to be working well.  The tickles are still there, but not as much as they once were.  At least I can sleep at night.  And, the methimazole has stabilized my TSH level.  It is now normal.  The endo wants me to take the medication every other day now because he wants to regulate me to the lowest dose possible.  I still need the biopsy because the doctor explained I suffer from two unrelated thyroid conditions...an over-active thyroid and the cyst...neither related to the other. So, they are now working towards getting me authorization by my insurance company.  There is no way they can deny me a biopsy.  Next up is the specialist on Thursday. Susie, in answer to your question, I've never thought to ask if there is a connection between fibro and thyroid disease, but it is an interesting concept.  I do know that both fibro and thyroid present with a variety of symptoms.  I will bring it up next time I see my endo.

Hubby, on the other hand, didn't make out so well.  After all this testing and anxious waiting, he's not eligible for the liver treatment.  The doctor said his breathing is far too bad, and he could have adverse effects, including death because the treatment is so strong and goes on for a year.  In fact, he has been referred to a pulmonologist with a recommendation for oxygen several times a day. There is a new treatment coming out next year that has less side effects and is only taken for three months.  He's been told he will be first on the list for that one.  He's feeling really depressed because he is already in Stage 3 of liver disease and has banking a lot of hopes on this test trial.  Please send some positive thoughts and prayers his way.  I'm really scared, but have to be strong for his sake.

On another note, I found a fantastic book for my Kindle on Saturday...and for free, you can't be that.  It is called  "Myth of the Moon Goddess - The Aradia Chronicles, Books One, Two and Three", and it is by April Rane. (Fantastic name, isn't it?) What really caught my eye was the following review "Reminiscent of Marion Zimmer Bradley in Mist of Avalon, Rane takes myth, legend and historical settings, weaves in elements of magic and the world of the unseen, and creates a rich tapestry of entertainment," and I know I have mentioned how absolutely captivated I was with Zimmer's books. 

This series of three books in one relates story of Aradia's reincarnation into three earthly lives, in a world of which she is not familiar. She has been sent by her mother, Diana, the Moon goddess, to teach mortal women to recognize and reach their potential during their earthly lifetimes. The first part has been filled with magic and fairies, and so far it is such an amazing read I cannot put it down. I had to pull myself away to do my taxes last night.

"Life is a journey," she said. "If you are not willing to take the first step, then the journey ends before it begins." from "Myth of the Moon Goddess"


  1. Glad for the good news... Sorry for the not good news, for hubby.


  2. I'm glad your tests have been positive. Tell hubby to hang in there! Sending best wishes!

  3. I will send out all the positive energy I can along with my prayers, for your hubby, Mary, and I'm so glad that things turned out well yesterday with your Dr.'s appointment, including the good news about your BP.

    I'm still working on lowering my BP, and the changes I've been making for myself really have seemed to be helping.



  4. All the hard work you've been doing has paid off, Mary, good for you. I know health issues can sometimes be overwhelming but one day at a time. Sending lots of blessings and prayers out to you for hubby.

  5. It was good news that your visit to the doctor turned out well. I hope that your husband will be able to start the new treatment soon and see improvement. I'm sending good thoughts and healing energy your way.

  6. Sounds like a very interesting book, Mary
    I loved the Mists of Avalon.

    I am so sorry you and hubby are having all
    these medical problems just at a time when
    you should be able to enjoy your retirement.

    I will send prayers and blessings out
    to the both of you.

    hugs Sharon

  7. You both are in my thoughts and prayers Mary.

  8. Yes Mary, I'm still alive- just haven't been away for a time. I'm so sorry to hear about all of your health issues, but that is good news you received today. I will keep you hubby in my prayers.

  9. Glad to hear your tests went well! Sending positive, healing energy to your dear husband, may something good come of all this for him.

  10. In what about 90 days now you and hubby will be able to go and do things together, you both will feel better able to spend some real time with each other and without a timetable to do it. You will find a new energy. Sending healing energy to both of you!
    Love you my friend!

  11. I'm going to carve out some special quiet time for Hubby and You this weekend Mary...a time of candle lighting and prayers going up on the smoke. I'd like to offer Reiki to you both as well if you are up to it? You just say the word and we'll set something up. My gift to you.
    I love you and hang in there, both of you!

    Your books sound great...I think I'll try to read them too on the web if I can find them for free, lol.

    May Peace, Healing and Abundant Joy surround You Both at this time and in the days ahead...