Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Morning This and That

We are all flowers in the Great Spirit's garden. We share a common root,
and the root is Mother Earth. The garden is beautiful
because it has different colors in it, and those colors
represent different traditions and cultural backgrounds.

Grandfather David Monongye (Hopi)

Today is Earth Day, a day  to honor our Mother Earth. How will you celebrate?
I had an awesome weekend. I slept, read, ate, and spent some quality time with self and my ancestors.  On Saturday evening when darkness came, I lit a candle and called upon my grandmother. No matter what or when, she is always there for me and has always been a such a great source of comfort and inspiration for me.  It is so hard to explain, but I can feel her, feel her arms enveloping me.  I feel so loved. Afterwards, I even went off my no sodium diet and heated up some 'Bean with Bacon' soup and had a glass of cola, just as I once did 60 years ago on Saturday nights. (Won't tell my doctor that one.)

 Did a little shopping on Saturday.  Found one pair of capris and a couple of nice little lounge outfits for the rainy days I don't feel like going out.  It's so hard for me to buy clothes.  Now, tops I don't have a problem with, but I've so many they are off my list for the time being.  I've lots of skirts as well, but shorts, capris, and pants?  Now, that is a different story.  For one thing, I'm past those skin tight legging type pants that everyone seems to sell.  Not only is my body not conducive to them, but with my back issues and fibromyalgia, I can't deal with clothing that I have to struggle to put on. Besides, I love the comfort of loose fitting clothing.  So, I've got a few little sundresses I bought last year, a few long peasant skirts, and two pairs of capris.  For now, that will have to do.

I had joined Pagan E-Books for Free on Facebook a while ago, and have been finding the greatest little books. This weekend I found  "Five Fifteen-Minute Fairy Gardens" by  Molly McKenna. Boy was I blessed.  It's not free anymore. The author gives step-by-step instructions for creating five different miniature fairy gardens that take only fifteen minutes to create. The author includes which plants to use, soil mixes, and places to pick up fairy-like accents. And the great thing is they can be done indoors.  Ideas are already running through my head.  I think, no, I know, I have found a new hobby. 

We are all here to serve in our own unique ways and to give back to the earth and
to life what we have been given. We are here to contribute the one thing that makes
us immortal: love. We cannot hold on to the tree of life forever and we cannot live
forever through our actions. But if we act out of love, the sacrifices we perform
will sustain those who come after us, and our garden will have many beautiful trees.
When we each make the choice to serve, no one will suffer because of someone
else's desires. No tree will go without nourishment or be cut down to fulfill someone
else's wants. Our garden will flourish because each seed will have rich soil
and each leaf will be free to display its beautiful colors for all to see. It will be
an awesome garden that will make the front page of every newspaper.

Bernie Siegel


  1. After having been off sodium for awhile, did you find the soup now tastes unbearably salty? That's what happened to me when I reduced salt in my diet.

  2. Good weekend!

    A lovely lift, to propel you into the work week.