Thursday, April 4, 2013

Looking Forward

One way can be learned by starting to see the magic in everything. Sometimes
it seems to be hiding but it is always there. The more we can see the magic
in one thing, a tiny flower, a mango, someone we love, then the more we
are able to see the magic in everything and in everyone.
Where does the mango stop and the sky begin?

Joshua Kadison
Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an online store where I can get hold of candles and other ritual a reasonable price.  I recently completed an order at Amazon for candles and oracle cards, but the order, originally $28,  turned into $49 when shipping charges were added.  Imagine that.  $21 for shipping.  That's because, as I discovered, Amazon ships from different stores, and my order was being shipped from four different places.  Hence, I was to pay shipping charges from each place. Needless to say, I immediately cancelled it. I'm not paying that kind of money for 26 small candles, oracle cards, a Moon energy crystal with pouch, and a box of Precious Rose incense.

One of the things I want to do when I retire is to spend a bit more time on enhancing my magic skills, especially candle magic. I always have scented candles burning in my home and often use them for prayer and ritual, but I want to learn so much more about using them.  When I come home from work every evening I barely have the energy to eat my dinner, let alone work on magic skills. Taking a day off here and there just doesn't cut it.  But soon, I will be free to do all the things I have been wanting to do, but never finding the time.

Magic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.

Nora Roberts

And flowers. I want to bring more flowers into my life after I retire. I may no longer have a yard, but I can still bring their beauty into their home.  I could bring them into my home now, but I don't really have the time to enjoy them. Just look at the herbs I planted last year.  Nothing grew because there was no one there to encourage them. I have been reading "The Magic of Flowers" on my Kindle, an Ebook by Paul Gator, and according to the writer, even those who live in urban apartments can bring the magic into their home. One doesn't need an elaborate garden to feel it. Something as simple as a few potted plants on a window sill, a bowl containing blooming cacti, or a single bowl of strongly scented hyacinths can be a source of rest and peace,  enough to revive one's spirits and bring one closer to nature...and, if you believe, invite the nature spirits into your home.

I also just purchased the book "Magical Hearth: Home for the Modern Pagan" by Janet Thompson.  I wonder if anyone has read it. The author delves into herbs -both medicinal and magical herbs-, incense, amulets,  color, aromatherapy, crystals, purification, and recipes. I really intend to appreciate my home more once I have quality time to  spend in it.  When one works full time, it is hard to find the time.   Even weekends are spent  completing chores that one has no time for during the week.

All in all, I have a long list of things planned for when I retire.  I want to spend more time in the kitchen, start baking again.  I even thought of going back to my crocheting. I've always enjoyed that.  And then there are the places I want to go...the park, the beach, the senior center.  Oh, there is just so much, much more I want to do.  A wonderful life awaits me.

By slowing down and relishing the unfolding of every experience, you
aren’t choosing to be less accomplished or productive than others.
You’re choosing to be accomplished and productive in ways they may
not even understand. You’re choosing to change what’s within your
own heart and mind, thereby becoming a part of the solution rather
than a part of the problem. By no longer rushing through, you’re choosing
to stop focusing so much of your energy on the wanting and yearning,
the wishing it was done, the frustration with what hasn’t happened yet; and to make, instead, the most of every experience as it unfolds at its own pace.

Nea Justice


  1. Mary, lately I started simplifying my magical practices, including supplies. I do mostly folk magic now ("conjure" hoodoo")THis type of magic doesn't require expensive magical supplies. For instance, I have stopped using colored candles and now use white "utility" candles which come in a box of 8 for a dollar. These can be found in supermarkets and dollar stores. You might want to explore that. This magical practice is quite intuitive, so you can be more in charge of your spells. I've always had very good luck with folk magic. I've often mailordered herbs, but I did it myself, not through amazon. There are many herb supply places online. From those you can make your own oils, powders, etc.I'll be happy to send you recipes. :)

  2. Yes, you are cultivating a lovely attitude! Looking forward with Joy and Planning, are wonderful for the "now"... As well as for the future.

    Loving the photos you are sharing with us.

    Like the sound of "Magical Hearth"...

  3. Oh Mary it is so good to hear the excitement in you again! You are so going to enjoy your retirement! When I no longer worked I was just so confused as to what I was "supposed" to be doing. Then the light came on, whatever I wanted to be doing is what I should be doing. Now my days are so full and I love it. I love the creating and baking and spending time with George. I still have my chores of cleaning, laundry and the usual stuff, but now I really do enjoy it for the most part.
    Wishing you a day full of wonder!


  4. I would try Everything is handmade and the prices are really varied. I love supporting self sellers and have purchased a lot of great things at the site. Not just magickal items. Check it out!

  5. As for candles, I like buying mine at secondhand stores.

    I don't know if you've ever read a book that's by Raymond Buckland, but there is a book by him that I really like, that I listed in my books I've read page that's about candles.

  6. What timely advice as I rush around trying to get my new home renovated! Just today, I was thinking I need to slow down. The estimates I've been getting are way too high, making me seek others for better pricing. All that to say, the Universe is telling me to slow down - everything is unfolding in Divine order. And then I come here and get the same message. Thank you for the reinforcement.

    Flowers are wonderful! I always have some on my windowsill, winter, summer, spring and fall. Usually grocery store daffys, tulips and hyacinths in late winter or early spring are very cheap, smell like spring and really brighten up the house. If you plant thyme, that's a herb that calls out to Nature Spirits, telling them that your garden is safe for them to play in. Thyme you can also grow on your windowsill. Oh what fun you'll be having!!

    There are many Magical supply stores here in Montreal. I'm sure there must be some in your area. I prefer to walk in, see what I'm buying and hopefully find something on sale, rather than to order and pay those exorbitant shipping charges.