Thursday, April 11, 2013

Facing Our Fears

Fear is like a little garden spider that makes us jump back or the poor lost bee on the
steering wheel that we blame for our automobile wreck. The problem in fear
is our response -- the way we treat animals or insects that frighten us. . . . Fear is also
the universal scapegoat we blame when we take flight from intimacy or shrink up
inside ourselves in a thousand little ways.

Dan Millman

Feeling very anxious this morning as I have an appointment with the specialist.  I say 'specialist' because (1) he is; and (2) his title is so darn long it takes up half a line to write it. The 'me' that was would have ignored this.  My motto for many years was 'Ignore it and it will go away,' but that doesn't work for me anymore.  Through the years I've learned that ignoring something won't make it disappear. In fact, it will only make it worse. Life will happen, and what is meant to be will be.

Fear of trouble, present and future, often blinds us to the numerous
small blessings we enjoy, silencing our prayers of praise and thanksgiving.

And so, last night, I lit my Sacred Candle and said a prayer.  Then I sat in the darkness and focused on the small blessings that I often take for granted. As I anxiously await word on my health, I realize how blessed I am to have people who love me.  Hubby, who makes me madder than heck at some of the things he does.  (His latest is to try to hook speakers up to the computer and messing up the sound altogether.)  I love him with all my heart and know that he will be there for me, no matter what.  And my two wonderful sons.  Miss Minga, my loyal companion for almost 21  years now (She will be 21 in July). And all my dear friends here in the world of blogs who have been praying and pulling for me.  I thank  you. 

Yes, I am truly blessed.  And with this, I would like to share one of my favorite quotes with you.

 Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby.
Ruth Renkel


  1. Good luck today, Mary! I'm thinking of you and sending best wishes.

  2. Good Morning My Sweet Friend! Fear is so overrated, like sleep! Worrying about anything will not make the outcome any better, but it will hurt your health. It is what it is and you need to relax, draw good things to yourself, your blessings. Allow only good thoughts, the law of attraction works both ways. Love you sweet lady!
    Wishing you a day filled with love!


  3. Good morning sweet soul.....just wanted to take a peak into your corner of the world. Have read your last few posts and sounds like medical issues are still hanging around in your life. My prayers and thoughts go out to both you and your husband.

    I haven't been "lurking" LOL around blogland much as of late....just been busy here living my life. Anyway hello to you and it does sound like you are being so very proactive with your health care.....good for you!!

    BTW....just a little heads up with the cough. I, too, take BP meds that make me cough......throat lozengers (sp) are the answer....just pop a sugar free one in my mouth when needed and it seems to tame the darn cough. You might want to try it if you think it will help.

    take care and know that I think of you,


  4. Your shadow quote is beautiful Mary. And if you could keep on remembering that you're surrounded by light perhaps your fears if not disappearing will lessen more. Fear is a natural response for most of us in your situation, so know that you're not alone and we're sending lots of blessings and hugs to you.

  5. That a girl Mary, I am so happy you seem to have found ways to undermine fear.

    The fear of something is always worse than the actual thing you are afraid of.

    I am dealing with fear also so I will claim this blog for me and try and follow your example.

    Good luck today Mary
    and remember we are all
    there with you sending you
    positive energy and prayers.

    love Sharon

  6. Hey Beautiful...You know you are loved by me I hope and I'm praying and pulling for you from every part of the web. You've many wonderful lights shining all around you, so imagine us all right there with you. Everything will be just the way it is meant to be...your Doctor sounds like he knows what he is doing so have faith Sister...and hold my hand when you need to!!!
    All My Love,