Friday, April 5, 2013


Years should be nothing to you. Who asked you to count them
or consider them? In the world of wild Nature, time is measured
by seasons only--the bird does not know how old it is--the
rose-tree does not count its birthdays!

Marie Corelli

Another weekend is upon us.  Another week of work under my belt and another week closer to my retirement.  Yippee!!  On Saturday morning I plan on running to the fruit stand, but that's about all the errands I absolutely 'have' to run this weekend. I'm thinking about attending that blessing service at the church on Saturday, but haven't really made up my mind  yet. I'm very tired this week.  It's been so busy, and next week will include even more running around what with my endocrinologist appointment on Monday and a second appointment with the specialist I saw last week.  This week he will have reviewed my records and will give me his recommendations.  Needless to say, I am already feeling tense. 

I'm hoping, also, to catch up some sleep this weekend, to pull the covers over my head and escape to the world of dreams.  I usually do a little catch up during the week on my two late days--Wednesday and Thursday--but this week one of the neighbor's awakened me shortly after six. The woman upstairs and her two monster boys moved out, and it has actually been quite pleasant, but now, a neighbor on the other side has taken to hanging out her window to smoke, which is her business, of course, but does she really have to talk loudly on the phone as so early in the morning?  At 6 am in the morning?  Oh well, I guess that comes with apartment living.

And, I do love my apartment. Despite all, I've not felt so at peace in  years.  It's wonderful to not be walking on tiptoe, fearful that someone will hear that I am home and knock on my door.  Speaking of my old home, have I mentioned I saw that the place has finally been sold?  

Well, dear readers, the shower is beckoning me.  Have a fantastic weekend. See  you all on Monday.


  1. Another week down is right! Before children I lived in an apartment in the basement and loved it! Then the children came and I had to buy something with more than one bedroom. So now here we sit in a four bedroom two bath....and no market to sell it in. But now I have a sewing room and a "spare" room that is I do believe becoming a pantry. I hope that you are able to get you so extra sleep this weekend and maybe do something fun.
    Wishing you a restful fun weekend!


  2. Good morning Mary, I have been busy with Dr. appt's as well and I am still off work.

    The skies here are looking a little angry but there is a brisk wind, perhaps the storm will
    blow over.

    Hope you are getting lots of rest.

    hugs and love Sharon

  3. It really irritates me when some neighbors don't show respect for others.

    I hope you'll have a restful weekend my friend.