Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning Love

I release any unpleasantness from the past and let it sail away.
I envision it going through the mists of my memories,
over the horizon, and out of sight. Love rushes in to fill
any empty places within my heart or mind. Now I am free
to do what is before me and free to do it better than ever
before. I am free to enrich my life and everything concerning me.


Monday morning after a rather uneventful weekend which passed by far too quickly to suit  me. It's raining out.  I can hear it hitting the AC.  Wishing I had put in for the day off.  Saturday I cooked, and Sunday I tried to sleep late for a change, but Miss Minga had other plans for me.  What a rude awakening! She sits by her bowl and literally howls like a dog when she wants me to get up and feed her.  These animals!  What is one to do?  This little furball has me wrapped around her little toe, as mad as she gets me,  I love her with all my heart. As much as I would love to lounge about in bed as late as I want, she will soon be 21, and how many mornings will she wake me.  My eyes well with tears just thinking about it. Time to move onto something else.

This post is about love, all types of love.  Love of our fur babies, love of our children, love of mother to son, puppy love growing into adult love, and the love of nature. Quiet moments to myself. Loving life. I didn't plan on it when I started writing. It just happened.  Love surrounds us, envelops us, brings joy to our lives. 

Had a little birthday get-together for my eldest who turned 36 on Friday.  Oh my, is he that old already? I remember the day I first held him in my arms. As an only child from a small family, I'd never been around infants.  In fact, my son was the first I ever held.  And, oh, how that mother love kicked in. At that moment I became selfless, and my love for him was all that mattered.  Even today, he is still my baby, my firstborn.

Which reminds me, I guess wasn't exactly truthful when I said it was an uneventful weekend because I discovered, quite by accident, a bit of news about my youngest. But, let me begin at the beginning...25 years ago. He was only five when they moved next store, a family with a little girl a half year older than him. Because of that half year age difference, they never went to class together, but right from the start they became friends and were together from morning til night.  We'd laugh when they had their little tiffs because we knew they always ended up back together again.  We often joked that the two of them were going to get married one day.

But, as they began their adolescent years, I left my husband and they let go of their house and moved to Long Island. We all lost contact with one another. But then Facebook came along and  they found each other again. I knew they had been chatting, but it sure took me by surprise this weekend when I read birthday wishes from her to my son..."Happy Birthday to my future brother in law," and then from my youngest, "Happy Birthday, bro. Yeah, she is going to be a part of the family soon." I was totally taken aback and immediately on the phone.  "Why am I the last to know?" I demanded.  "Mom, believe me, there is nothing to know right now.  It is only in the planning stage. If it ever goes past that, you will be the first one I call."  Can you imagine that though?  My goodness, they loved each other at five.  Now, here we are, 25 years later.  They always say you never forget your first love. Have you ever wondered what happened to yours?

Moving on, to the love of nature. In front of my building are two large rectangles, about 6' by 15'. Last year this little bit of nature boasted the greenest grass on the block. So, when I discovered them digging it up this past week I naturally became upset. They were getting rid whatever roots and stones were there and smoothing it off, far too smooth, I thought, for grass seed. Then I came home Friday to discover that they  had built a two foot tall wooden barrier enclosing the little yards. It's really hard to explain, and I am sorry I didn't get a picture, but it sure did look  as if they were going to fill these little barriers with concrete. On Saturday when I left to do my food shopping, I found the men piling up  bags of concrete. My heart sank. 

So, by the time I got home, my curiosity had gotten the best of me, and I stopped to question them what they were doing.  Boy, was I very much relieved to find out that they were actually building planters that were going to be filled  with flowers and greenery. Already my mind has been think fold up chair so I can sit outdoors and enjoy their beauty.

Well, it is time to get ready.  Another week ready to begin.  Another week of work.  Another week closer to retirement.  Wishing you all a very happy Monday....and if you have to work, make sure you take some time for self as well.

Love has no claims.  Love has no expectations.  Most of us were raised
to become prostitutes.  We have the illusion that with good behavior, good
grades, lots of awards, pretty clothes, nice smiles, we can buy love.  How
many ifs were you raised with?  I love you if you make it through high school.
I love you if you bring good grades home.  Boy, would I love you if I could
say my son is a doctor.  You become a doctor or a lawyer, or what your
parents never were able to become, with the illusion that they will love you
more.  Love can never be bought.  There are people who spend their lives
prostituting themselves, pleasing other people in the hope of getting love.
They will shop the rest of their lives for it and they will ne
ver find it.

Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross


  1. Sounds like you may be attending a wedding in the future? Neat story.

  2. That's amazing news about your son and his friend, for that really does sound like true love.

    And I'm really happy for you for I'm sure it will be really calming being able to sit out at night by those flowers :)