Friday, March 19, 2010

There is a Magic in the Air

Good morning out there in blogland...on this beautiful day before the first day of Spring.  There's a magic in the air as the world starts to come alive once again.  The birds are singing and the trees are finally beginning to bud.  There's a noticeable glow on the faces you see, and everyone just seems so much happier.  It is truly a magical day. 

"We have what we seek.  It is there all the time, and if we give it time, it will make itself known to us."--Thomas Merton

 Even the most ordinary day can be filled with moments of magic if we just take notice in the world us, but many of us are so preoccupied that many of these moments slip by unnoticed. And there are many who have totally forgotten what the awe of wonder and magic.  Oh, yes, there are the miraculous moments of our lives that fill us with joy and wonder such as the birth of a child...the beginning of a new life. There is nothing more magical than that.  

 And now, as we enter the time of new beginnings, magic is all around us...if we would only take the time to notice.  Magic is the changing of the seasons, a daffodil pushing up through the frozen ground...the crackling of the autumn leaves beneath our feet and the uniqueness of every snowflake. It is the first hint of yellow on the forsythia tree.  Magic occurs in those moments we spend in quiet reflection as we sit under a bathing in the moonlight or the sunshine filtering through a row of trees. And all we have to do to experience the magic is to see with the eyes of grow young...which opens up a vista of external and internal beauty that we easily might have missed if our thoughts are always set in the grown-up grindstone.  

So, take some time out of your busy day to sit quietly and take notice of the world around you...the beauty of a world which is full of life...full of magic...a world of wonder and joy.


  1. I love your quote... such true words.... have a very blessed equinox... and thank you for your wonderful thought provoking words....

  2. Yes. Take some time to notice. Especially at a time of Seasonal Change.

    Noticing Seasonal Change is neat that way. It reminds us of all that has been here, for ages and ages... Well before the super-fast and electronic-era in which we live.


    Can that be so?!?

    There was glorious Nature, before the super-fast and electronic-era in which we live? -grin-

  3. Oh, I needed that quiet moment you shared here..
    Have a great day enjoying yours Mary.

  4. thanks for he is a not so good day in my world but i do appropriate the magic of nature and it keeps me sane amidst the insanity .

  5. I like the quote. Have a good day Mary. X.

  6. yes! every day is what you make it! such sage advice to take a moment to reflect upon and enjoy the beauty and wonder of this Universe. Happy Vernal Equinox, Blessed Be~ONE~B.

  7. ~not only a magical moment but your words were just as if not more magical...reminding us all to just be for a moment and soak up all the change...brightest blessings~

  8. I went for a walk today - which was very magical in the sunshine! Love your words here. I so need to remember to see the magic in everything!

  9. Dear Mary,
    Yes..we are surrounded by magic. Tis everywhere! Happy Spring my dear!!

  10. One reason I love ritual at the time of the season changes and full moons is that they are markers in time and space that remind us to slow down, pay attention, and in particular, focus on the bounty we have been given in the natural world.

  11. ahh Thomas Merton.. wise words always.

    I find your blog such a beautiful place to visit.. always reminding me of the seasonal differences.. tomorrow is autumn equinox for me.. my favourite day of the year!
    thankyou so much my dear friend, for supporting me over the past few days.. with your support, I found strength to get through the fear of my biopsy.. sending blessings from my soul to yours ~ Namaste