Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Medicine Wheel

Good morning, everyone.  It's a rainy day in Brooklyn...a little chillier than I expected when I left my house, but not cold enough for snow.  There are three trees across the street from my job, and in the springtime, they have the most beautiful pink flowers on them.  Yesterday, when I looked from my window, the trees appeared to be budding...or maybe it was wishful thinking on my part...and my eyes aren't like they used to be.  I meant to walk across the street and check it out before I went home, but I was just too darned tired.  

A medicine wheel is a physical manifestation of spiritual energy.  This is the basic outline to a Medicine Wheel.  I will be using a traveling wheel.  Although I have a nice sized back yard, I also have some very nosy neighbors...not that I care...but why ask for agitation if you can avoid.  I like the idea of a traveling medicine wheel, one that can anywhere with me.  Traveling medicine wheels are used to help with meditation, prayer, or focusing; to open yourself up to a power spot; healing; to connect with nature; to contact the spirits of an area you feel an infinity for; to communicate with spirit.  The following is what a traveling medicine wheel would look like.  It only takes about five minutes to set up.  The one below is not mine; the battery is dead in our camera, but it does give you an idea.

The first stone on the wheel, the center stone, which is place on the wheel with prayer and song, represents the Creator; it stands alone and it is from this center that the energy that creates the rest of the wheel radiates outward.  The seven stones that circle around the creator represent the foundation of all life. The stand for the Father Sun, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Fire (Thunderbird), Earth (Turtle), Air (Butterfly), and Water (Frog).  There is no particular totem or mineral for this position.  The Creator is all things so it actually doesn't even have to be a stone that is placed there.

The Creator Stone symbolizes our Creator as being the center of our lives.  It teaches us about our own ability to create, about our faith, and about our own sacredness.  


  1. You know, it just struck me that building a travelling medicine wheel, placing each stone and thinking about its significance, is very much like saying a rosary or using prayer beads. Beautiful!

  2. Lovely. Thank you very much. Please, keep them coming.:)

  3. Wow, that's cool...
    Just wanted to say hi before my nightly snooze..

  4. This is beautiful. I agree with Debra - it's like prayer beads! What a nice way to meditate/pray mindfully.

  5. We had a very windy and rainy day yesterday. Today was cool, but the warmth of the sun was wonderful. I am going to make a traveling medicine wheel. Thank you for the push to do so. I have left something on my blog for you. Keep an eye on that tree, those buds just pop and wow, the blooms are there.