Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finally over....I hope

Well, in my earlier post I had thought that things were on the mend, and after a nap I'd be up and about. But before I could say 'good night', the power went out.  It's now 8:55, and it just came back on.  They're still out there working...Verizon, Con Ed, some enormous truck with a giant-sized vacuum.  We're all so hungry, I immediately put the food on to warm up...(had no gas either).  So, I just wanted to let you all know that we're all right.  Got an awful headache from all the stress, and my body is completely worn down.  You know how it is after that adrenaline rush wears down.  

I just wanted to share something that happened today with our 911 system.  Now, just before the car blew up, I had looked out the window and saw all the smoke.  My neighbor upstairs came down and said the car was going to explode, and they tried to call the fire department back,  but their phone service had been affected. Why the fire department left, I will never know because flames were shooting up out of the man holes.  So, I dial 911 from my phone which, by the way, is in the bedroom.  My neighbor is watching the car out the front door, and he's saying "Oh, the flames are on the roof now".  "The tires are blowing". "The hood is melting."  In the meantime, my bedroom is too close for comfort.  So, I when the operator pick up, I tell her what is happening, give her the address, and tell her to have the fire department hurry.  She tells me, "Now, hold on, I'm going to transfer you to the fire department so you can give them the info."  

I tell her that the car is right outside my window and ready to blow, that I have to get out of the room.  My neighbor's screaming, "Hang up."  But, still she tells me to wait.  Then, I get the fire department, and they're asking me all the same info...address, borough, cross streets.  By now, I am hysterical and telling her that all I want to do is get out of the room...and now SHE is telling me to hold on.  I'm screaming, "It's gonna blow.  I don't want to get hurt."  And the last thing I heard as I was hanging up was 'hold on.'  And, as I ran through the bedroom door, the room shook as the car exploded.  Thankfully, my windows didn't bust out...but I sure am gonna write the news about this one.

Thanks all of you for your concern.  Gonna go eat now, and just climb into bed.  Love ya all. 


  1. That 911 call seems very weird to me. Why couldn't 911 just relay the info to the fire department? Making you stay on the line and repeat it all seems off.

  2. Wow Mary, this is Prime Time TV stuff! How crazy! I hope you get some sleep tonight. I took a ride today, then took pictures of driving on home. I think of where you are and as much as I think it's boring here sometimes, I'm glad I'm here...You can come visit anytime..get out of the hell you live in! Ok, sorry, I shouldn't have said that but I worry about you! I'll watch for another post soon...

  3. I am so glad you are ok! You had a hell of a day! I can not believe that 911 wanted you to remain in a room where you were not safe! Not to mention they are supposed to have pinpoint location ( they do here ) so as soon as that call in answered, within 30 seconds they know exactly where the call was made from.

    One time a few years back I was trying to call 811 for our phone help service and accidentally dialed 911, and I hung up as soon as they answered ( I should have said it was a mistake but I was startled lol ) and 30 min later police were knocking on my door wanting to know if I was ok because they got a 911 call from my place and they were concerned something had happened to be before I could say anything.

    I am just glad you are ok and hopefully the excitement is over for the day!

  4. ~i don't even know where to start...i just read your post below and it is like you have been living a movie...a freakish nigtmare...i am so sorry you had to endure so much yet blessed you are to be safe and thankful we are...i could never imagine talking with emergency dispatch...watching the horror that is happening and being told to hold on...that is terrible...i do hope for ou the storm of craziness has passed and you are able to have a much calmer day well my dear...brightest blessings~

  5. i don't even know what to say, unbelivable!!!

  6. goodness just getting back from a vacation with my grandkids and this is the first post I read of yours... I should have started from the beginning... glad to hear you are ok....

  7. Good grief!!!!!!!!!

    And the Full Moon is not till Tues.!

    But looks like the Full Moon Effect got to you, early.