Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And a Wonderful Morning to All

Good morning out there from a sunny Brooklyn, New York.  I can't believe that by next week the temperature will be in the 50's.  Now, that's when my annual bout of spring fever is sure to arrive...and I will be unable to control myself as I begin to pack away some of the "very" heavy sweaters and such that I know I definitely will not be wearing again this  year.  Yes, Spring is definitely on its way.

According to the Celtic calendar, March is the second month of spring, and Brigit's flame is gaining strength until finally, on or around March 21st, the daylight will at last equal the hours of the darkness.  The Spring Equinox will have arrived.  For those of you with gardens, it will be a time for you to begin preparing the ground...for seeds will forever remain dormant unless planted in an earth that has been well prepared for it. And we, as humans, as souls, we have an inner groundwork that must also be laid before we can reach our full potential. What groundwork do you need to do before you can give full expression to your soul? 

"Be patient with everyone, but above all with yourself".--St. Francis De Sales

Last night I was doing some thinking, and I realized that, in recent times, I have been allowing the negative to gain a foothold in my life.  And it downright scares me.  Is it the darkness of winter that has taken hold?  Or is it the darkness of those around me?  Perhaps as the days grow longer, my spirit will lighten...or perhaps it is time for me to take the bull by the horns and further the work I began doing on myself during the Bardic phase of my Druid college.  So, I have decided that I am ready to work with the Medicine Wheel,  a traveling Medicine Wheel which features a small group of stones which can be carried in my pouch, will be easy to carry with me, and quickly assembled...And I already have the stones...a gracious gift from a friend who lovingly empowered them for me.

So, I am hoping that you all will take a walk with me...a walk around the wheel...a wonderful tool for inner reflection, prayer and connection to all that is.  Each stone has a different story and a special significance which I hope to share with you.  So join me on my journey.  Keep me company.  I love each and every one of you.


  1. Brigid's flame is gaining strength! What a beautiful metaphor! Looking forward to the Medicine Wheel.

  2. You know I have been eagerly awaiting this time... I can hardly wait to get outside and start planting... It is to warm up gradually through the week and by the weekend be in the 60s... I am so looking forward to it... Just to have the sunshine back has been grand... enjoy your beautiful day

  3. Ooooh, I can't wait. You are like a ray of light!

  4. I can't wait to get out in the garden to get my hands dirty! But it will be quite some time before seeds can go in the ground in my location. This year's project? . . . A COLD FRAME so I can be dirty all year round! :P

  5. Thank you Dear One, for wishing you'd have known my "troubles." But it's just my way, to not do so, on my blog. Not THAT kind of "trouble." Oh I bitch & whine, as well as any of us! Just not THAT kind. :-) Just my way.

    No one else has to do as I do. Each of us, does our blogging, in our own way.

    But thank you for wishing to have been there for me. You are so sweet.

    And I look forward to learning more, here. You are a font of information. And when it is blogged, we can come back and check things. Like your dream entries, etc.

    Gentle hugs...

  6. I would love to walk the Medicine Wheel with you.. I may have to tweak it a little to suit the seasons here but I am willing to do that.
    I am so blessed to have discovered your blog.. or is that you discovered mine? doesn't matter.. I am blessed that our paths crossed.. your blog inspires me xo

  7. Lovely spring flowers! So encouraging. I too feel negative in winter. I know it is winter as the dark takes over and the light is scarce. As the days get longer, I feel as if I'm coming out of a shell or a cave. My spirit lightens and I stretch towards the sun (like the flowers of this earth).

    I'd love to walk the medicine wheel with you. Spring is a good time to begin. I wish I could dig my hands in the earth soon - but here, we have to wait until April (May for planting) - way too long!

  8. The flowers are gorgeous! Enjoy the warmth of the sun, it is so energizing! Looking forward to a walk around the medicine wheel with you.