Friday, March 26, 2010

Looks Like a Sad Weekend Ahead

Good morning on a cold day in Manhattan.  Winter has returned...but only for a day or two.  That's not why the tears this morning.  Actually, I am feeling sad because I may not be able to talk to any of you until Monday.  It seems my computer has picked up the Google virus.  I don't know how it happened because I pay for the top antivirus program from Norton, but somehow it got through, and as a result, I cannot open my blogs...and any search I type in goes into re-direct.  I am devastated.  That computer means the world to me.  You all know that I am a couch potato, pretty much a loner.  You all are my friends, and it is really going to hurt not to be able to talk to any of you over the weekend. It bugs the heck out of me that there is such evil out their...evil that gets kicks out of hurting innocent strangers.  Has anyone here been hit with this bug?  I've downloaded some info here at work about getting rid of it so hopefully we can take care of it without taking the computer to the 'doctor'.

That being said, I was riding to work this morning and two young girls got on the train. They couldn't even have been in high school...maybe 12...13 at the most...but they were both dressed in very tight clothing, grownup style boots with heels, and both had their hair done and make up...lipstick, eye makeup.  One still had braces on her teeth.  And it got to me.  Why be in such a hurry to grow up?  Don't they know that this time will never come again?    When I was that age, I was still playing with dolls and paper dolls. My money went on toys and gadgets to have fun with, not make up to make myself look like an adult.  I wonder, do their parents know?  Do they allow this?  Or, do these girls sneak and do this?  

 The fact is, with parents working long hours away from the home, many youngsters are leaving for school from an empty house after eating breakfast alone...and many pick up fast food or a frozen meal for supper. And, this loss of family life expands the power of the peer group.  Teens are getting sexually active earlier and experimenting with drugs and alcohol at very young ages.  I was a latchkey kid, too, but times were different.  Not only was I still a child at 12, but my parents kept track of what I wore and how I looked.  I remember one time...I guess I was 14....I had a pair of skin tight black pants.  I loved them and wore them as often as I could...but then, I got caught wearing them and was told in no uncertain terms to go change.  My dad, despite my tears and pleas, took the pants outdoors and proceeded to burn them.  

Well, my dear friends, in case you don't hear from me until Monday, I wish you all a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Luckily Yahoo still works, but you guys and gals are my friends...and believe me when I say this...even one weekend away will hurt.



  1. Oh, bummer! *shakes fist at virus* I hope you can clear it off and return to the blogosphere soon!

  2. I'm sorry about this nasty virus :( i actually use a free program , so far so good (knock on wood) As for the rest of your points i hear ya.
    Have a good weekend ♥

  3. Sorry to hear about your computer. They are both a blessing and a curse. Hope things get lined out soon. X.

  4. Looking forward to Monday when you are back up and blogging again...

  5. Dang virus anyway...I was paying for one but now use a free one with backup malware and spyware killers too...and a program called 'Secunia' that tells me of any changes going on and any patches needing to be done. It's great..and free too. Try it.

    I'm sorry you will be sad this weekend and I understand. As for the tween girls, ya, it's sad that they do what they do. Funny thing is, most of the parents when we were that age said the same things about our generation....
    But I don't think the 'Hippies' were so young to start. Oh well, life is what it is.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. OH NO!! Thats aweful come chat with me soon! Much love and Light sweetie

  7. Sorry about the computer virus. I'm spoiled because I'm married to a master techie so I never stress about computer stuff, but I still sympothize. I would probably go into withdrawal without my blogger, email and Facebook.

    As for those whippersnappers on the train, that is the reason I quit my job and have decided to keep my big butt home to raise my son. He is in elementary school and I probably could get a part-time job, but honestly, I enjoy getting him ready in the morning...seeing him off to the bus....getting him home and fixing a snack and hearing about his day while I make dinner. I know it sounds all "Leave It To Beaver" but I got a good kid and I think some of that is because his parents are so active in his life. I wish more parents worried about their children more and their "status" less.

  8. Sorry to hear that, Mary. Still, we will be here waiting for you. You are a part of our lives now, and there's no computer virus capable of changing that. :)

  9. Perhaps another trip to the beach, to forget about the nasty computer virus!

    Try to enjoy your weekend!

  10. Damn, damn, damn Virus creeps. The people who spread these Virus things, I mean. Grrrrrrr... I so hope you can get rid of it, without the Computer Doc!

    Virus stuff is the main reason we switched to a Mac, when we needed a new computer. So far, the Virus Creeps haven't done 'em, for Macs.

    Young girls! Ahhh yes! Our youngest granddaughter is in that age range and.... Thankfully is still hanging onto things like American Doll Interest, etc. She has a friend who is doing the same and they can re-enforce each other. But not during school hours... They go to diff schools for middle school. -sigh- And middle school can be "the pits," for so many things.

    I really "hear" you, on this issue of peer pressure to grow up too fast, since we are kind of living through it. Courage to all concerned.

  11. it breaks my heart when I see girls of that age, dressed way too old.. it just breaks my heart :(

  12. It's funny how when young we can't wait to be 13 and then it is 16 and then 18 and then we realize that life really starts. Then we think wow, it was so much easier when mom and dad worried about everything. LOL