Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Past Life Astrology

Good afternoon, everyone.  Thanks for all your well wishes on my birthday.  It really meant a lot to me.  Well, the birthday is over, and I am back to work.  Yukky!!!  I have more time to take...about three weeks...but I like to take time off when I can get something accomplished, and this weather has not been conducive to do very much.  I did drag out some bags of spring clothes, but once out on the line, they just don't seem to dry.  Today is a 'very' windy day.  I do hope they are still there when I get home.

I had mentioned the other day that I found my past life chart.  I'd been searching and searching for such a long time.  I tend to put things someplace and then forget where they are. Then, as I was going through a box of papers the other day, there it was.  I'd had it done many years ago.  I will still with my abusive a matter of fact.  Parts of it were so accurate, it was eerie.  If you don't mind, I would love to share briefly some parts with you.

"Listen!  There is a song for every soul that plays like a fountain at the heart of every life.  Listen to your own life song.  Be ever sensitive to her calling.  When you are caught in the storms of life, her sweet silver sound will lead you home."
             --D. Trinidad Hunt

Moon inharmoniously aspects Neptune
Neptune is the dreamy planet of spirituality and mysticism.  When adversely aspected with the Moon's emotional forces, there is a tendency to be misled by others, and  you will likely face personal challenges as a result...largely due to your insecurity and inferiority feelings. (For many years I was so insecure with my life.  I felt I didn't match up to others.  It wasn't until I met current hubby that, with his help, I learned to become the person I am today...strong, independent, and proud of my accomplishments in life.)

While you are not fully conscious of these feelings, strange, unusual and mysterious people from previous lives may be attracted to you.(To this day, I continue to draw the strange and mysterious. Hubby tends to make a joke about how they all seem to find me.) You attract souls in this lifetime who may simply take advantage of your vulnerability. (The story of my life until 20 years ago.)

And your parents, especially your mother, are likely to be souls from previous lifetimes who may bring you, for instance through some form of separation, particularly emotional challenges, at times. (I've mentioned several times how my mom was not only physically absent most of the time, but also emotionally distant.  Growing up, my mom offered me my biggest emotional challenges as I tried everything to gain her love and approval.)

Mars inharmonious with Uranus
By choosing a day when Uranus and Mars were in an adverse aspect to your birth, you called upon the akashic ledger a pattern of attracting people from past lives into situations which will test you, especially by challenging your need for freedom and independence.  One of these prior lifetimes was likely to have been during the height of the Roman Empire.  Whether a roman or as one closely involved with the ancient Roman culture, you often faced conflict and confrontation.  You are are likely to have someone in your "immediate vicinity"  today who has a quick temper. (Ex hubby)  He or she will test your need to learn always to react with patience and forgiveness. 

Sun in the Pisces Decanate
Of interest to you in the present--mysticism, spirituality, mysteries of life and nature...including dreams and mystical kids of music and art.  These interests and urges are intensified from lifetimes where the sea and large bodies of water played a large role. (Perhaps this is where my love of the ocean comes from?  Perhaps this is why I feel as if I have come home when I go there?)

And just a few  odds and ends: 

Sun harmonious to Saturn: From several past lives you have developed a powerful drive to succeed through trying fresh angles and new beginnings.  You have considerable capacity for endurance of changes in this life experience. (No one has endured more life changes and had more no beginnings than I have in this lifetime, but I have always endured.)

Moon harmonious to Uranus:  Talks about talents and concepts from lifetime in Atlantis; Ability to heal others through counsel and teaching.  (Just look at my profession).

Mercury conjoined with Mars:  Past life as an astrologer or soothsayer or a powerful priest in ancient times...perhaps in Persia or Egypt. (I've always been attracted to astrology and became one in this lifetime.)

There's more, but these are the most important.  I've also had a lifetime in the hills around Galilee during the birth and ministry of Christ, was a celibate nun or monk of a leading religious order during a later period.  




  1. I feel horrible I missed your bday!! Happy birthday sweetheart :)

  2. Don't feel bad. Birthday's become just another day when you hit 60. LOL!!!

  3. Yes I'm sorry I missed it too! Wishing a blessed year ahead!
    P.S. Hanging washing out when the moon is in a water sign- it won't dry. Hanging it out when the moon is in an air sign is best :-)
    Bright Blessings*

  4. Wow - this is fascinating! Did you have someone do this chart for you in person, or did you order it? It really seems to be right on! It's so neat that you found it at this time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very interesting and seems to be spot on. I had mine done a few years back and was thrilled with it. Made somethings clearer for me.