Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, The Turtle Clan and the Element Earth

Good morning to all of you out there in blogland.  Another Monday, and it's back to work.  I really didn't want to come.  Matter of fact, right up the last minute I kept saying to myself "I don't want to go."  But, here I am, and a sick day has been saved for a time I might need it more.  

It's a gorgeous day out there.  The sun is shining, and it's supposed to go up to 60.  Now, this is my kind of weather.  Sadly, I probably won't make the beach next weekend.  The weather doesn't look like it's going to be the greatest.  It's great being so close.  I used to spend every Sunday out there.  I'd do what I had to do in chores on Saturday, and Sunday head on out to the shore...and then somewhere along the line I got lazy; I became a 'couch potato'. I've made up my mind that this is going to be a breakout year for me.  Time to get back to nature, to enjoy the sun, the sea breezes, the ocean's mighty roar.  Oh, I am so looking forward to it.  


The elemental clans provide the building blocks for all life here on Mother Earth.  The Turtle Clan represents the Earth.  The stone is placed in the Center Circle about halfway between the North and West directions.  The mineral associated with the Turtle Clan is petrified wood, the plant is cattails, and the color is green brown.  To avoid any confusion, remember that "the tortoise is for Mother Earth, for the planet as a whole; and Turtle is for the Element of Earth."  Native American legend tells us that the Tortoise gave us a place to live, and North America is often called Turtle Island to show respect for this animal. 

Cattails are wetland plants with a unique flowering spike.  The leaves are used for making chair seats, mats, and baskets. It is an important and common wild food.  Cattails have a strong Earth energy that grounds, balances, and stabilizes people.

Petrified wood is wood from trees of long ago that have now been turned into stone by our Mother Earth.   It is a fossil which is formed by an infiltration of minerals into cavities between and within cells of natural wood.  Working with this stone connects you to both the plant and the mineral worlds.  It also brings us messages from the past as well as the knowledge that changes is a natural cycle of life.  It can awaken you to a renewed strength and purpose.

The color for this stone which honors the Element Earth is green-brown.  Use this color when you feel as if you have gotten too spaced out. This stone helps to stabilize you and bring you back to Earth.  Make a special object of this color to meditate on or just stare at whenever you need this kind of energy.

This is the stone to seek when you yearn to be more oriented toward the Earth.  This is the place where you learn the true meaning of loyalty to the Earth and to all your relations with Her. 


  1. Thanks for the distinction between Tortoise (for planet earth) and Turtle (for North America). I was wondering about that. Blessings for today and the upcoming work week!

  2. glad to hear you have such beautiful weather with you... dont you just love the warmer tempertures.... I have a fondess for turtles... interesting post... blessings to you Mary

  3. Forgot to say, thank you for the push!!!!!!!!

  4. And I say that most all of us, need to be more Earth connected. I know I do. I simply do not get out in Nature enough.

    I don't tan. I don't garden. I don't walk enough. I don't like the heat of summer sun. Blahhh... Blahhhh... Blahhhh...

    Time to do some counteracting, I know!

  5. Thank you again for post i am inspired everyday :)

  6. It is so exciting that Spring may just be here! It sure has been a very hard, cold, long winter. Thrilled that your weather is nice! You are blessed to be able to go to the beach every weekend! Hoping that your weather stays nice for you and you are able to go this weekend. Wishing you a stress free week at work.


  7. ~i do hope you embrace this year and break free...go sit and be...smell the air...feel the midst...makes me long to be there! we found a huge piece of petrified wood in our neighbors yard...they had no idea what it was and said we could have it...l♥ve...brightest blessings~