Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday and Father Sun

Good afternoon, everyone, on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon.  It's warm and sunny...a touch of spring...and it looks like it's going to stay this way for most of the week.  I think we can all agree.  This has been a long, rough winter, and we are all looking forward to the spring. 

I went out this morning and took my time while I ran my errands.  Just didn't want it to end.  Been awhile since I have enjoyed the fresh air.  Now, I'm stuck in my kitchen.  Eight meals done already.  The great thing about the winter months is that I can cook 8 meals at a time by using the oven.  Not so in the summer when it is really torture to cook...forget about the oven.

Father Sun

The next stone to be placed on the Medicine Wheel is Father Sun.  Moving in a clockwise direction in the center circle, you would place his stone slightly South of the Eastern direction...a few inches to a foot away from the Creator Stone and Mother Earth.  This stone represents the vitality that the sun brings to the Earth.  The totems associated with Father Sun are the geode, the sunflower, and the lizard who loves to bask in the warmth of the Sun.

Lizards are revered in Native American cultures because of their uncanny ability to blend in with the Earth.  They are considered a good omen for when a lizard appears, it means the Father Sun is smiling warmly down upon you. 

The plant totem is the beautiful Sunflower who was named in honor of Father Sun because of the beautiful yellow petals which bear a strong resemblence to the blazing star that provides us with heat.  In fact, the Sunflower is a kindred spirit to Father Sun; this is why they move to face the direction of the sun from dawn to dusk.  The Sunflower, in its effort to reach Father Sun, can grow to heights of more than 15 feet.  I once had one in my yard that stood almost 20 feet.  It stood well above the eave of the first floor roof.  Sunflowers are good for the heart, kidneys, skin and hair. 

The Mineral totem is the Geode, a round stone with a cavity lined with quartz or amethyst.  Eagles, who are said to fly skyward toward Father Sun to bring messages from humans to the Creator, have been known to put geodes in their nests....acknowledging their special relationship.  Carrying this stone, or meditating with it will help you to connet with the creativity and energy of Father Sun.

Seek the Sun stone when you wish to gain knowledge aout the masculine principle or if you feel a block of the masculine energy in your own life.  This position helps you to learn and to accomplish things.  It teaches us about discrimination and how to set to say 'no' when that is what we want to say. "No" is actually one of the hardest words in the  dictionary...especially for us women who have been raised to take care of others and consistently give too much. 

Meditating on and connecting with any of these totem Spirits will help us to learn lessons regarding creativity, energy, and the masculine principle in our lives.


  1. Warmth has come to the North, hasn't it? :-) So glad you enjoyed your time out.

    You are amazing, cooking all those meals ahead of time! But, what do you do in the Summer? When Summer comes, you'll tell us.

    Oh I love the Geode and Eagles. :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Even we had a whisper of spring today: the sun was shining and actually warming my face (oh bliss!). Gave me strength to believe spring is out there somewhere after all. :)

    Thanks for the new installment on the Medicine Wheel. :)

  3. This weekend has been wonderful! So glad that you were able to get out and really enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. You so deserve some warm weather.