Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grandmother Moon, The Ocean

Good afternoon to all of you out there in blogland.  Hope you are getting out and enjoying some of this fine spring weather we are having.  Wish I hadn't had so much to do inside this weekend, or I would have found some way to get out there.  Next weekend I will have some down time, so I plan on heading over to the beach.  There is nothing like sitting there, watching the waves as they crash against the shoreline, and communicting with our Great Mother Ocean.  Sometimes I am able to close my eyes and envision my ancestors as they made their trek across the great waters.  It's hard for me to explain...the closeness I feel to the ocean.  I could have a million people around me, and it will just be her and I. 

Grandmother Moon

How ironic.  Today I am feeling the pull of the ocean, and the Medicine Wheel stone for the day is Grandmother Moon who has such control over our great liquid mother.  This stone is placed slightly to the West of South.(just West of Mother Earth)  The Spirit of Grandmother Moon is very ancient; in fact, She is one of the first three placed by the Great Spirit to watch over, guide, and assist us, the children of the Earth.  In Native American traditions, the Moon was considered the leader of the feminine life in part because the Moon, just as we women do, experiences Her different phases.  She is in Her glory during the night time hours when Father Sun is on the other side of Mother Earth.  Her totems are the moonstone, mugwort, and the loon.  Her color is silver white; Her element is water.

The Loon is a bird that swims and dives.  They also mate for life...and because of this, Native Americans used them to symbolize fidelity.  From the loon we can learn out transformation, mystery, and fidelity.

The plant totem is Mugwort which can be found just about everywhere.  It is used to balance female energies.  It is also a powerful ally and protecting force when you use it as a smudege or when working with the powers of Grandmother Moon.  It is also good as an aid for promoting dreams.  It is for this reason that it is often sewn into a dream pillow along with roses, lavender, and chamomile to induce sleep and dreams.

Moonstone is the mineral totem for Grandmother Moon because it is reflective and will mirror back the qualities of those who work with it.  Connecting with Moonstone will help you in developing prophetic ability, to gain wisdom and strength, and to assist you with your connection to Mother Moon and the shadow side of the self.  Moonstone is used in ceremonies both during the waxing and waning of the moon. 

Grandmother moon teaches us about the intuitive, introspective side of our nature.  She is also connected with the cycles.  If you need assistance with changes in your life, or wish to create changes, Grandmother Moon is the one to seek out and ask. 


  1. Dear Mary, thank you so much for all your comments, especially today's. You are comforting. More so than I deserve because I have been being much tooooooooo testy. And after I let off steam on my blog, I kind of regret it. But... Not completely.

    Sweet comments like yours, help me not to completely regret "my noise." :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Oh how I *envy* you, being able to get to the shore next weekend. Both of us here, so love to be by an ocean. We used to go to Cape Cod every autumn, for a few days. And we loved to sit on and walk on the beach. And just lose ourselves in the sound of the waves and all.

    With my husband's eyesight having gotten so bad, it's been a long time since we've been able to drive anywhere, though. But we have lovely memories. [And I get CD's with ocean waves and surf sounds. ,-) Not the same, of course!!!!]

    But yes, we did go for a little walk today, and that was so goooooooooooooood. Haven't walked out doors all Winter. Eeeeeeek!

    And thank you for the lovely Grandmother Moon writing today. It's comforting to find something like this, connected to the older woman. Yes, comforting.

    And the illustration is beeeeeeeeeeutiful!

    Gently hugs...

  3. Good afternoon Mary. The grand kids are safely tucked away back home so I have time to catch up on some blogs! Yours as always is a welcome calm of the day (O:
    I'll be doing the drawing later and start more on Canute and Sarah tomorrow after noon. Glad you liked the video I had today and saved it.
    Till tomorrow....

  4. ahh the Moon and the Ocean.. two of my favourite things..
    autumn is here now where I live.. I can tell because the Choughs (birds) are here in my garden. a haunting call they have.. like they are heralding in the fall of the leaves.

  5. I love the ocean, but prefer the lakes that surround me in the Valley here. We have loons, and their calls just give me chills. They are so hauntingly beautiful.

    Love this picture of Grandmother Moon.