Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Trying to Stay Healthy as we Grow Older

I have to admit, I am lazy when it comes to cutting up any kind of salad.  If I buy the ingredients at least half get tossed out so I am one of those who likes to buy them ready made for me.

I usually buy one of these each week.  It gives me about 3 nice sized servings.   It is filled with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower, croutons,  and tri-colored peppers.  It's really packed with stuff.  I don't usually use their dressing.  I prefer a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  When I finish with this salad, I usually go to the little place across the street from the center for one of their salads.  Must show you a picture of that one.  Not bad for $6.99.

Another of my favorites.  Honeydew, cantalope, mango, kiwi, Strawberry, pineapple, green grapes, red grapes, blueberries.  I eat a little each day, and this one also lasts me 3 days of nice size helpings. A healthy salad for only $7.99.

So while one of us is trying to gain weight (me), the other is trying to gain weight.  Hubby has lost a lot of weight in the past few months.  At least 30 pounds.  Doctors have run all kinds of tests, but can find no reason for it.  They've tested for thyroid, done an MRI  and bloodwork to check for cancer, but they can find no reason that he is wasting away like this.

Had him drinking Boost for weight gain, but, unfortunately one of his lung inhalers has caused diabetes.  So Boost is out.  He tried Glucerna as per doctor's advice and couldn't tolerate it.  Messed up his tummy.  So now where do we go from here?  He can't eat or drink the foods that will help put on weight.  Such a dilemma.  Anyone have any suggestions?  It's breaking my heart seeing him like this.  And I'm frightened.  It's so hard watching someone you love fade away.


  1. The only high calorie foods I can think of for him would be snacks like nuts, candy, avocado, cheese. But with him having diabetes the candy and carbs might be a bad idea. Try high calorie foods that he likes. Add more butter, oil and mayonnaise to thinks he eats.

  2. I really, really hope that they can find a reason (and a cure) for your husband's weight loss. Lots of carbohydrates might help.

  3. I am not a medical expert and would not give any advice other than to go back to your medical team with any health concerns.

    I do wonder about your husbands insulin levels and blood glucose numbers, but presumably your husbands Doctors have checked this out?

    Glucerna can unfortunately cause havoc with your tummy, although I believe it is a meal replacement or supplement made specifically for individuals with diabetes. There is a product called Ensure which again is a meal replacement or supplement that provides calories, vitamins, and minerals but is not made specifically for people with diabetes in mind, however it may suit your husband.

    Anyone who has diabetes does obviously have to keep a check on blood sugar numbers to see what they can (or cannot) tolerate.

    There is more information about Glucerna and Ensure here

    There is also an article about unexplained weight loss in diabetics you may find helpful here

    Thinking of you and hoping you can find answers.
    Again I would stress you should consult with your medical team again.

    All the best Jan

    PS the salad and fruit do look tasty.


  4. Sorry to hear about your husband's troubles in fighting weight loss. That is indeed a dilemma.

  5. I'm so sorry, to hear about your husband's condition, I hope he will be well.