Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday Check In

Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.
German Proverb

Good morning everyone.  It's going to be a hot and humid day.  This morning I am off to Weight Watchers, and afterwards comes the dental appointment I have been dreading.  In fact, the tears started to flow yesterday.  My meeting is at 10 am and is over at 11:15.  My dentist appointment is at 1pm and right around the corner from Weight Watchers.  Not really worth it to go back home. I'm hoping that my stomach is not churning so much that I am able to grab a bite to eat.  At any rate, there is a Metro PCS a few blocks down, and I have to take a walk over there and see what's up with my phone.  Been acting up terribly.  Probably time for a new one.

My latest course, "Healing with Whole Foods" is very interesting, but a bit more difficult than the others.  It combines modern western nutrition, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine.  Right now I have been studying excess and deficiency, Yin/Yang, heat versus cold and dampness, and how to identify illnesses brought on by each and food sources to help throw off the imbalance.  

Have to share this one with you.  About my hubby.  As you may know, he drives a cab to keep himself busy.  This happened the other night.  

So, hubby picks up this guy who asks how much his trip would be.. Hubby informs him that it is  $8. The guy said okay that he'd like to make it round trip. He asked hubby to wait while he ran  into the store to supposedly pick up his pay for the week.  So hubby waits.  The guy comes back and climbs into the back seat.  

They only go a couple of blocks when hubby sees two cars racing up on him. He didn't realize they were cops until they put the flashers on. Hubby pulls over to the side of the road, and several plain clothes officers approach the car and motion for him to roll down the window. His tummy was in knots.  He'd done nothing wrong, but there is always mistaken identity.. More police cars arrived. The officer says, "Put your hands where I can see them." Hubby puts his hands up and the officer says. "Not you, him,: and leans over to look at the guy in the back. 

The cops then open the back door and pull the guy out, but not before he tossed a bag of marijuana....which the cop picked up. The guy tried to say it wasn't his, but the officer said, "I just saw you toss it." They then pulled a large wad of money from the guys pocket. Hubby said he was going to ask for his fare, but thought twice out it and pulled off. It was only $8. The other drivers told them he should have asked for his fare.  The cops would have made the guy pay. Hubby thinks he must have been a drug dealer.

Never a dull moment.

Well, have a good day.  Keep me in your prayers.


  1. That is hilarious!!!!! Glad he wasn't a violent criminal!

  2. Good luck at the dentist. And glad your husband wasn't hurt. He should have asked for his fare though.