Saturday, July 9, 2016

Checking in

Sultry, steaming, sweltering. . . .Slow down. Or stop. It's time to shed ambition and
expectation, along with commutes, clothing, cellular phones, calendars. Now our wants
seem to diminish. Is it because our needs are met? A shady nook, a cold drink, a cool
breeze--whether indoors or out. A respite from the rigors of the day. Time off for good
behavior. Summer is not so much a season as a melody, that tune of contentment we
hum as the days begin to beautifully blur. The pursuit of happiness becomes our personal
priority this month, as the sweet strains of . . . Harmony start to be heard in our hearts.

Sarah Ban Breathnach
Good morning everyone.  Lots been happening here.  Weather is very hot and humid so I have been staying close to home doing a lot of studying.  Originally I was studying to become an HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner) but I've decided to take it further and become a Nutritional Consultant.  The three courses I am now taking are all part of that curriculum as well.  But I will need more than the original 5 courses 300 hours training time.  An NC certificate requires 720 hours of training.  Finished  Natural Therapies and got an 'A' on that one, finished Dietary Wellness and am awaiting my grade, and am now working on Healing With Whole Foods.  This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and even if I don't work afterwards, I will have fulfilled something I really wanted.

This Thursday is my big day at the dentist, and I am so scared.  I know it has to be done, and I am looking forward to being able to eat the things I enjoy again, but that don't stop my stomach from churning and my teeth from chattering.  Time to start sipping some Bach Rescue Remedy and put it to the test.

Good news.  Mr. Leadfoot  is gone.  I'm able to go to bed now and not wonder what time I was going to be awoken.  That's right.  I don't think I've told you.  About two weeks ago Mr. Leadfoot called the office and said he was 'sick of them' and wanted out of his lease.  He's the one who is doing something illegal, but he is sick of them.  Go figure.  Well, he wanted out as of July 1st.  Of course, they were glad to be rid of him and allowed him to break the lease as long as he put it in writing.  His guests stayed until the very last minute, and one hour after they left, Mr. Leadfoot came with a van and two helpers.  Took them six hours to move everything.

Got me to thinking.  Why, all of a sudden, did he want out and did it have to be on July 1st, only two weeks notice?  And where was all this furniture going?  Mr. Leadfoot has definitely been living elsewhere for awhile now, so it wasn't going there.  My thought is that he found another apartment that he believes he can make more money on and one where his guests coming in and out will not be noticed as much, and this apartment was available on the 1st.  What do you think?  At any rate, farewell to bad rubbish.

Speaking of rubbish, I hate to say wrong about Susun Weed because she is so famous, and this I am not pointing at her, but what staff she does have.  I received an email on June 17th saying my books had been sent out by mistake, and I could either send them back or keep them for $85.  Well, I told them I'd be sending them back.  Now, both UPS and USPS leave packages by my door if I am not home so to avoid not having to carry a package of 8 books to the return site, I sat home waiting.  I was hesitant to leave a note that I was refusing the package because I was expecting a couple others at the same time.

So, after a week I emailed them and asked how they were being sent so I could contact that agency. I explained that they tended to leave packages and rather than sit in and wait, I'd rather head them off at the pass.  Never did get an answer.  I was told they would check.  What?  They should know what service they use.  And I got a snippy response, " Well, we don't want you sitting in waiting for them.  Just keep the books when they come.  I'll pay for them out of my salary."  I wrote back that I didn't want that and was feeling bad, when I realized that that was another ploy to get money out of me.  The books NEVER had been sent out.  Otherwise they would have been here, even by media mail.  They were only being sent from a couple hours away. It hit me that, prior to my canceling the course, I had told them how much I wanted the books.  They probably figured that I still wanted them, and if I agreed to pay, they would ship them right out.  Well, good riddance to more bad rubbish.

And that was June, and this is July.  Looking forward to a fantastic month.

Have a good one.


  1. Glad to hear two pains in the ass have ended! (Leadfoot and Weed course). Enjoy your NC courses and good luck on Thursday at the dentist!

  2. I hope your dentist appointment was fast easy and painfree!!! Lots of love sweet girl!

  3. I'm wishing all to go well for you Mary.

    There's something I'd like to share, my blog has changed and so have I, for I've returned to who I truly am, for there's no escape for me, for I'll always be a Witch.

    If you'd like to stop by, you're more than welcome, just click on my name and you'll be taken there.

  4. Good luck at the dentist. And sigh on that attempt to rip you off.

  5. Sorry to hear that about the books. Such a shame that they did something underhanded like that to try to squeeze money out of you. I'd write to her if you can find a contact email for her and let her know. Good luck at the dentist! They scare the pants off me, put my into pure panic mode. Hope it went well. Hope you are doing well too. Some day I hope to get my certifications too. But for now I dream.